LOCAL: Signing and Surprise at City Hall

On my way to meet podmate Katarina and our HAND Department helper Vickie at City Hall this morning for the official signing of our Neighborhood Improvement Grant

Start a huge, foolish project”: Grant Application Successful

— for five signs at major entrances to our Green Acres Neighborhood, I happened to come upon one of my son Colin Cudmore‘s Garden Towers, in the parking lot at City Hall. And wow! Was astonished by the hugeness and profusion of what’s growing there. Wondered who will eat all that food, since it’s on public property . . .

The signing, BTW, occurred at precisely 10:02 A.M., when Venus, at 23° Cancer was within three degrees of the Ascendant. Transit Venus happens to be, today, exactly conjunct both Katarina’s 23° Cancer Sun and my own 23° Cancer Jupiter! We left the office about 15 minutes later, exactly as Venus crossed the Ascendant. Hmmmm. Was that what prompted Katarina to exult, “We’re quite a team!”?

On our way out, I showed Katarina the Tower. Told her to stand in front while I took a picture.


She too was astonished at the succulent, already mature chard of various colors, plus broccoli, with heads (the ones we’ve grown here at the GANG have only rarely sprouted heads; we chop, fry and eat the leaves). Said, “Let’s pick some!” So we did. Mmmm. Lunch. Here’s my haul. She’s coming with hers. We will indulge in a Venus in Cancer activity.


Just as I arrived home, of course! the usual synchronicity, this time in the form of an email to his list from permaculturist Jeoff Lawton, called “Regreening the Urban Streetscape.” Yes! And, let’s do it with edibles.

Aha! Kat just arrived. Piled hers on mine.


Will stir fry with pesto from last summer’s basil. NOW!

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  1. CindyW says:

    Yum and congratulations! What a lovely Venus in Cancer moment! (my basil is tiny but flourishing, and was gifted with a flower plant this week) speaking of which, I have some gift items for next time I come to B’ton (in July?) – will send list to see if your pod wants any of them

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