The “Jade Helm” Meme: Conspiracy Theory as Pattern Recognition. How to respond?

Update, same day: Hmmmm. That drat worm just keeps on turning . . . Jay Dyer: What if Jade Helm is itself a psyops? Which in turn would mean that my penchant for “seeing patterns” can render me easily led by the nose. Pay attention, Ann! In any case, it doesn’t matter. My response is the same.

Admittedly, I’m a “conspiracy theorist,” in that I tend to see patterns where others may only see (or ignore) disconnected data points.

Being a “conspiracy theorist” — a phrase dreamed up by the USG, by the way, after Roswell, as I recall, to ridicule anyone who wondered whether any of the various “swamp gases” or “weather balloons” might actually signify another reality altogether intersecting with ours — I tend to live on the tipping edge of society, and feel most comfortable there, that dynamic place where different ecosystems and social systems meet, collide, cooperate, or dissolve their boundaries into larger, more complex and harmonious systems. My natural tendency is to deeply imagine this ultimate “oneness,” to sense its reality despite the illusions of separation, isolation, and to long for its full recognition inside every being with all my heart and soul — joyful unity of all peoples and creatures on this good Earth! Unity of Earth with her cosmic neighbors! Unity with the whole of being!

Living on the edge as a “quirky” individual who identifies with the oceanic whole — how to integrate this seeming contradiction? Well, I don’t. I live inside its glowing, growing center. As Walt Whitman put it so memorably, “Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.”

Meanwhile, here is an essay that identifies a great range of the patterns I, and many others, are seeing. The next question is, how do we prepare for this seemingly likely near-term eventuality? My response: center myself, inside, move down into that still center inside any storm, and stay there, while intending that center to expand.

To meet their field of chaos, I, and many others, are creating the field of calm.

Between hate and love, which field — which force — is stronger? It may be that we shall soon decide.


Towards a Militarized Police State in America? Explosive New Revelations over “Jade Helm 15 Exercise” and Potential False Flags

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