Bernie’s Campaign Launches, with “War and Peace” NOT front and center. Why?

I couldn’t help but notice that Bernie Sanders, otherwise my hero, puts War and Peace dead last on his platform of things that must change; and then, even when he talks about it, does so in a mealy-mouthed way. From his speech:

We must be vigorous in combatting terrorism and defeating ISIS, but we should not have to bear that burden alone. We must be part of an international coalition, led by Muslim nations, that can not only defeat ISIS but begin the process of creating conditions for a lasting peace.

Doesn’t Bernie recognize that this bankster-fueled Empire, with its deadly, destructive, policies to ignite chaos wherever it goes, has inspired or created or inserted all the “terrorism” that it perports to fight? Though Bernie talks about a people’s revolution, the fact that just about the entire U.S. economy is fueled by, or drained by, its interwoven tendrils to/in/and with the MIC appears to be Bernie’s one giant blind spot. Why? Are there just too many “jobs programs” provided by the MIC in his home state? Could he not afford to look clear-eyed at this subject when running for re-election in the Senate?

Hey Bernie! You’re running for President now! You can and do, say whatever you want! At least that is what you claim! Would that your famous passion get ignited by this huge elephant-in-the-room!

Bernie Sanders kicks off 2016 campaign by opening can of whoopass on Wall Street β€” and it’s awesome


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