Female Passion, Serving the Common Good: Three examples

The first largely symbolic, involving public figures, calling attention to an artificial, geopolitical wall between the two Koreas that has been stuck for over 60 years:

Gloria Steinem, Women Peace Activists Cross DMZ Dividing North And South Korea

The second nitty gritty, inner city, held me on the edge of my seat for the full eight minutes. Notice how the older women’s sustained protective fury of the young girls both inspired the girls and shamed the cops — to the point where they finally turned tail and left. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn.

And finally, here’s a Detroit woman who forgave her attacker in court by honoring his mother, knowing that she wanted the best for him and that it was time he started making other choices. Read the entire story. Inspiring.

Image: Detroit Free Press

Image: Detroit Free Press

Detroit Carjack Victim Sets Aside Anger in Favor of Forgiveness




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