The Empathic Eye

It strikes me, while watching this little video with tears in my eyes, how it is always true, not just in hospitals. Each of us walks around saddled with, and often saddened by, problems, issues, difficulties, impending crises, decisions needed, acute and/or chronic pain — that we usually carry with us silently and either ashamed or resentful or so burdened that we don’t realize that everywhere we look, every single person we pass by, or meet on the street, or speak to on the phone — including those who can’t find a “job” except as a person at a call center, the ones we tend to “hang up on” — is moving through life doing the very best she or he can.

Which is what makes my daily spiritual practice — that of meeting the eyes of strangers whom I pass on the street with puppy Shadow on our morning walks, for even one millisecond of clear, focused penetration to the soul — so heartbreakingly meaningful for me. Each encounter lifts the heart, fills me with joy.

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3 Responses to The Empathic Eye

  1. I love you, Ann Kreilkamp! And I appreciate you! Thank you for being you!

  2. Ted says:

    Nothing like the present moment ~ unemcumbered by all that is impermanent ~ Life lives in the present and then moves on ~ get used to It!

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