My Memorial Day Blues

My corporate-logo U.S. Flag:

My corporate-logo U.S. Flag:

In case you’re still “working,” i.e., yoked by all the “loans” you have to “pay back” into the soul-deadening, wage slave, so-called “economy,” you will “get Monday off.” Memorial Day. You probably won’t remember why that’s a holiday, because who cares, we just want to go camping or have backyard barbeques, right?

Well, to those who DO remember, and who adopt the required reverential tone, I’d like to shake them, make wake up and realize that, as Paul Craig Roberts says,

Memorial Day Is A Hoax

The central bankster corporatocracy runs the matrix, and it uses national “militaries” to gobble up what it wants. It uses up humans too, especially young ones, those whom the increasingly stratified “economy” keeps so impoverished that the only way they can “get ahead” is to “join the military.” We call them “soldiers,” many of whom “fall,” i.e., “die for their country.” Oh yeah? Please, let’s get it, grok it, once and for all. As U.S. Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler famously noted, in a speech delivered in 1933, WAR IS A RACKET.

For a current example of the gobbley BMIC (Bankster Military Industrial Complex) racketeering, see this:

Destroying What Remains: How the US Navy Plans to War Game the Arctic

Which just goes to show, this dead-ending so-called fiat matrix money “economy” that most of us are still entangled with is NOT an ECO-NOMY, it is the EGO-NOMY. Not your ego, silly, theirs; or rather, its. For that corporatocracy with its military muscle is just one big, fiendishly complicated, narcissistic EGO that serves only itself by raping, pillaging, and murdering Mother Earth and all her earthlings, including ourselves.

I ask these so-called “masters of the universe,” what then? What then will you have to show to your children and their children’s children? What will be your legacy? Even if you consider your children extensions of yourself (for of course that is what a narcissist does), then even that self of yours is itself left bereft, just like all the rest of this dear world and its inhabitants that you will have strewn, willy-nilly, across the star-lit plains of armageddon.

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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, do not let the controllers get you down…that is how they win. There are many things that are
    good about honoring the concept of liberty and the present power of intention is so phenomenal
    that honoring the concept of freedom for all throughout the universe can trump even the darkest agenda.

    • Actually, I’m quite okay, though what I described is a mood that I can pass in and out of, almost at will . . . Seemed fitting for “Memorial Day” to put up that kind of post.


    On 6:00 pm Wednesday evenings on Wynn Free BBS Internet Radio, we can send in questions for a very dear lady, Terry Brown, a channeler who’s consciousness tunes in to The RA Group Consciousness, and The Elohim Group Consciousness. It took me many hours, weeks actually, of listening to past archived programs before I felt somewhat ready to ask a question myself. Since then I have had several questions answered on Worm Hole Energy, on seemingly special properties of the granite crystalline structure found in Half Dome granite, Black Holes, and most importantly Healing and Peace making. The answers to my questions given through Terry Brown, burned into my memory. I was fumbling around with the Elohim’s first answer for about 15 minutes, complaining to myself in front of my computer and listening to other BBS listeners questions being answered. Wynn Free then closes the session for Terry by asking the Group Consciousness, “Is there anything else you would like to say before we close tonight?” Terry channels back, speaking for The Elohim Group Consciousness, (I paraphrase) “Yes, we would like to clarify that it is important to always seek help in healing from a higher authority as many illnesses are karmic in nature and cross multiple dimensions into which you can not see. Also seek help from a higher authority in peace building and keep in mind the great importance of finding Forgiveness, so often missing in the peace building process.” Then I understood. 🙂

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