Two deep background briefings, plus caveat.

First, the caveat:

Just so you know: It’s a mystery to me why “I” “choose” to repost and/or emphasize some things and not others.

Quotes around “I”: because don’t know which dimension of me is responsible for anything.

Quotes around “choose”: ditto.

Whatever “I” of my multidimensional self is in charge at the moment, it steers eyes and hands to a particular piece for reposting, or maybe for grouping with other pieces, to repost them all with a particular slant that this particular “I” wants to get across. Often, when this or that “I” starts a composition, it’s not obvious to all the rest of the “I’s” what kind of perspective it (or they) will receive!

And it’s not that these “I”s are competing; they are not characters in a play. Rather, I see/feel them as various levels of myself, living in a sort of upside down triangular formation, layer upon layer interfusing, with larger and larger perspectives, all peering “down” through my little 3D eyes.

Kinda like this, but not really. Image:

Kinda like this, but not really. Image:

Just so you know.

Meanwhile, here is some material that I guess it must be all of my “I’s” consider “deep background,” magnetic, provocative and informative, but not for major reposting and commenting upon, at least not now. From this morning, two pieces:

1. The latest Simon Parkes interview, in which, among other things, I learned that (BTW, he says he’s a hybrid: 1/3 reptilian, 1/3 mantid, and 1/3 underworld human) as a child he was directed to watch “The Prisoner” and “Avengers,” two ’60s British T.V. shows with a seeming sci-fi bent. And, he said, he recently discovered that someone in the U.S. was also instructed to watch these two programs when she was a child!

2. And the latest fascinating material from the supposed “GoodET” Corey, plus exopolitical expert Michael Salla’s informed commentary on that material. Dizzying stuff, re: huge variety of secret space programs (some of them “covers” for other deeper ones, wouldn’tcha know!) both in space and time, along with their ET partners and/or controllers. Geez!

So. While my entire multidimensional self is inexorably attracted to the mysterious and, frankly, overwhelming background material above, how do I (which “I”?) use any of it to infuse both my life and this blog? We’ll see. Stay tuned.


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  1. to answer your last question,…… just by exposing yourself/ourself to that particular material and others like it, is an infusion for your/our life and this blog. thanks

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