DRUMMING: Multifaceted Benefits and Scope

This fascinating article demonstrates the balancing benefits of sustained rhythmic action in the present moment on the individual body/mind/emotion/spirit complex that our souls are using in this 3D life. Via cousin Ben.

Science Shows Drummers are Fitter and Happier than Everyone Else

Besides benefitting the individual, drumming can be and is also used shamanically, to induce hypnotic states of various kinds. Native Americans engage in extended drumming and singing at their pow-wows. Some “new age spiritual teachers” offer “vision quests” or out-of-body inductions, via the slow, steady beat of a drum. And every time I hear a frame drum, I am transported — where? Back to somewhere else, I like to think, where goddesses and priestesses ruled.

"When the drummers were women." Image: drummagazine.com

“When the drummers were women.” Image: drummagazine.com

And, of course, ever since the ’60s — that’s over 50 years! — we’ve endured/enjoyed the global phenomenon of rock concerts, where the audience sinks or rises into trance consciousness (and often, dance) — in (simulated) terror, and/or, ecstasy, release! Like this: Dream Theater‘s “The Root of All Evil” — the lyrics and staging of which I imagine someone like Jay Dyer might parse as full of Illuminati symbolism. My own short analysis: the singer seeks help in letting go of his/her own “burning” desire nature. Help from the outside? That’s not gonna happen. Look within.


Proud enough for you to call me arrogant
Greedy enough to be labeled a thief
Angry enough for me to go and hurt a man
Cruel enough for me to feel no grief

Never could have just a part of it
I always need more to get by
Getting right down to the heart of it
The root of all evil has been running my whole life

Dirty enough for me to lust
Leaving nothing left to trust
Jealous enough to still feel envious
Lazy enough to sleep all day
And let my life just waste away
Selfish enough to make you wait for me

Driven blindly by our sins
Misled so easily
Entirely ready to leave it behind
I’m begging to break free

Take all of me
The desires that keep burning deep inside
Cast them all away
And help to give me strength to face another day
I am ready
Help me be what I can be

Self-centered fear has got a hold of me
Clutching my throat
Self righteous anger running all through me
Ready to explode

Procrastination paralyzing me
Wanting me dead
These obsessions that keep haunting me
Won’t leave my head

Help to do for me what I can’t do myself
Take this fear and pain
I can’t break out this prison all alone
Help me break these chains

Humility now my only hope
Won’t you take all of me
Heal this dying soul

I can feel my body breaking
I can feel my body breaking
I’m ready to let it all go
I can feel my body shaking
Right down to the foundation
The root of it all

Take all of me
The desires that keep burning deep inside
Cast it all away
And help to give me strength to face another day
I am ready
Help me what I can be
I am ready
Come to me
Take me away



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