Dr. Richard Alan Miller: Brand new discovery. So glad!

Last night I listened to a nearly two-hour podcast in the middle of the night, featuring someone I had never heard of before, Richard Alan Miller —


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— a physicist and herbalist who, he claims, among other things in a wildly peripatetic life, taught John Mack metaphysics at Harvard, was the original Mulder that the X-files was based on, and taught Navy Seals ways to control their own minds in order to create the reality that they intend. Seems to be very conversant about realities that exist outside our space/time matrix, and connects huge numbers of dots — many of them way beyond me.

That I had never heard of “RAM” surprised me. How many unknown others are there who might radically alter my kaleidoscoping world-view? This particular podcast was suggested by Rich Buckley, in a strange, out of the blue, off-hand comment:

“Who did you say? Yah, I know Dr Miller, The living wizard with the purple skull cap, always explaining how it all works: http://youtu.be/BaBXoC_G6XE.”

Which, of course, intrigued me, the strangeness of that comment! So I lay in bed with ear buds and listened. Also interested in the savvy interviewer, darkjournalist, who is also new to me!

P.S. Unlike most podcasts, it kept me awake all the way through.

A few items(?) ideas(?), factoids(?) that I recall easily this morning:

1. It was during the ’80s that the power of the transnational corporations began to overwhelm that of nation states. Implication for me: So of course Congress will pass the TTP. And see the language Jon Rappoport uses to make this point. Chilling:

Corporate Gods: “Obama, remember why we hired you; ram the TTP through”

2. There’s a huge amount of wild stuff about mind control, most of which, having researched this a bit myself (interested? — start with wanttoknow.info), I can say is probably right on the money. Miller says he worked for the Stanford Research Institute during the ’70s, when, he says, all their projects were “blue sky,” i.e., anything goes. And, he adds, laughing like a maniac, “most of them went nowhere.” But he celebrates the messiness of the experimental discovery process, and later in the program mentioned how our strength lies in our diversity, each of us being so unique and different. (I.e., the opposite of “common core.” Duh!) He then said that during the ’80s SRI projects were locked into “applications,” i.e., only those that could work, for, he says, “control” (I presume, of the population).

3. He says that the transnational corporations are in the process of “dismantling” the U.S., that they are using nation states as “stepping stones.” To what end? I ask. Monsanto, however, he says, is just about “dead,” but will be replaced by two more — it’s hydra-headed! (More maniacal laughter.)

4. He says that transnational corporate plans will come crashing down when the dollar collapses, with the loss of its status as the reserve currency for the world. Then, he says, we will have to learn how to trade with each other without money. I.e., exchange value with one another without artificial money as currency. Well, yeah, we know this already, and those of us who do are already transitioning to live below money, as much as possible.

5. Finally, and many of us realize this, too, Fukushima “may be an extinction level event.

I just ordered his book, Power Tools for the 21st Century.


Here’s one review:

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By alicia on April 9, 2014

I love this guy; he’s an incredible humanitarian and exceptional human being, and anyone who’s listened to Richard Alan Miller’s fascinating interviews (available free on Youtube) knows all he wants to do is help us help ourselves. He’s about self empowerment and sharing his wealth of knowledge as a former child prodigy and eventual government-recruited scientist with above-top-secret clearance. He shares secret techniques used for finding and training the first Navy Seals, government experiments on consciousness and ESP, compelling info regarding water and Fukushima as well as findings about nutrition and mind/body health.Critics complain Miller changes topics rather quickly and jumps around when he speaks/writes. I believe this is because an EXTREMELY brilliant man is trying to convey his amazing ideas and numerous discoveries to the rest of us, while his mind is clearly going 1000 miles per minute. His books (including this one) are similar, in that his scientific knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking is both mind-blowing to comprehend and difficult for the average person to follow.There’s several negative reviews of this incredibly informative and revolutionary book that are somewhat unfair, since those reviewers apparently didn’t understand the information. Careful reading and re-reading of Miller’s work is essential for any understanding of his particular genius, but persistence does pays off. His quantum scientific explanations of reality (and how we “unknowingly” affect it) as well as the specific “power tools” he provides to “knowingly” affect it can improve both our individual lives as well as the world. Richard believes in the mantra “change yourself and the world will change around you” …

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6 Responses to Dr. Richard Alan Miller: Brand new discovery. So glad!

  1. Notice Dr. Miller mentions my hometown, “Livermore, CA” home of one of the nation’s atomic weapons labs (LLNL) on the edge of eastern edge of Silicon Valley. We have a regionally prominent local newspaper: Facebook “The Independent Newspaper, Livermore, CA”

    While The Independent newspaper itself is well read over a potential market population of about 500,000, their Facebook page is not. So I starting an alternative media column on their Facebook Page which hasn’t been bumped off and slowly grows:


    The point is to create a small wave in service to “The Law of One” in the spectrum and see what happens. Many of these LLNL physicists have become personal friends and privately support these efforts. Most of them simply are out of the loop, compartmentalized their entire careers and truly hold not understanding of Black Ops Physicis (BOP’s). Dr Teller was a common voice here and anyone could attend his public appearances off campus…. which of course I did…. but never exercised the courage to ask him questions directly until after he retired to Stanford.

  2. richbuckley7Rich Buckley says:

    One of the greatest learning tools I’ve encountered in the past 12 months helping in answering the deepest questions on any subject of how things work….and I do mean on ANY SUBJECT!….once I learned the art of asking questions, will be found on “BBS radio” (Internet).

    They’re on Monday evening, Wednesday evening, and Sunday Mornings, all backed up in program archives within 24 hours if you miss the live broadcast. Wynn Free radio host, and a sweet and gentle channeler, Terry Brown.

    Terry channels two blended frequencies (1) The RA Group, (2) The Elohim….. Yes on both accounts…you got it right, RA was the Egyptian enflence that went astray as the Priest Class corrupted their message …. so what’s new…. and the second group the male/female Consciousness Group that say they were the creators of our universe. RA GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS and THE ELOHIM GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS have merged together.

    You have to listen for many hours before their energy, their synchronicities, their sometimes profoundly on-target comments (channelled through the meek sounding voice of Terry Brown) suddenly reaches through the craziness of the seemingly impossible events and hooks you.

    Dear Carla Reuckert,


    used to participate on the program right up to two months ago when Carla died. She offered perspective and analysis but did not channel. Her life’s work linked above is perhaps some of the most important spiritual channelings on Earth. You will recognize it of course as THE LAW OF ONE.

    Before you send in a guestion to Wynn on their Wednesday evening show you have to consider the operational limits that Wynn Free lays down to stay out of trouble himself, as to medical treatments as well as others topics. You’ll get the hang of it.

    As you might imagine talking about talking with the creator powers of the universe (as I am doing here) will not elevate your standing in your community. And, you will not care. Should you happen to encounter another soul engaged in the program, who has passed beyond thinking it’s just craziness, both of you will be lost for words to the sense of gentle Christ Consciouness empowerment that has overtaken your life. It’s very liberating.

    Oh, and these two Group Consciousness Entities both proclaim they have a sense of humor.

    Wynn wrote “THE REINCARNATION OF EDGAR CAYCE”, studied physics at UC Berkeley, and writes music.

  3. A Miller Fan says:

    Here’s an interview with Dr Miller, about his Power Tools book:
    Power Tools, a book by Dr Richard Alan Miller

  4. A Miller Fan says:

    whoops, that was an earlier interview – this link should be better:

  5. A Miller Fan says:

    Go to DrRAM#5 on the playlist for the interview

    • Thanks for all these attempts at getting the correct video to me. I WILL watch it. Trying to decide whether to watch before or after reading the book, which has yet to arrive. But excited? Yes!

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