Ontology Department: Religion, and its Release!


Check out this graphic. At last, people are waking up. If religion goes, what’s next?




I do think it’s pretty much impossible to place too much emphasis on the fact of humanity’s decreasing reliance on religion.




In fact, it’s no wonder the present pope presents himself as a born-again populist. He’s got to reverse the onrushing tide, and fast, if he plans to lock in that One World Religion for Agenda 21 by September, 2015 (see this).

Here’s a third graphic, one that I love, except for the little “A” which, I presume, stands for “Atheist.”


To me, “atheism” is just another religion, one more conceptual helmet that constricts the mind to certain “beliefs.” So does the religion called “science.” We need to take off those helmets and shake out our hair! YES! Let us open our beautiful minds, let us return to that halcyon time when we were newborn and our skulls were open to the vastness. That “soft spot” is called the “anterior fontanel” — and doesn’t fully close until the baby is at least one year old, sometimes not until 18 months!

Imagine what that might mean metaphysically, imagine our natural communion with the universe.

And yet, inevitably, over time, the skull does close. We close down. Get stuck, inside our own heads. Already! By 18 months we have locked into 3D, and its usual time/space conditioning. The little one starts to act as if he or she “believes” in, for example, “object constancy,” the distinction between “self” and “other,” the words “me” and “mine.”

BTW: that mysterious word “fontanel” comes from the old French word for “fountain.” That’s what we naturally, innately, are, folks, when we awaken to our full aliveness — fountains! — through which the endlessly abundant energy of the universe longs to flow through.

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2 Responses to Ontology Department: Religion, and its Release!

  1. Funny, but I was feeling these images (above) today as I walked my dog through the cemetery and said hello to my old classmates. We held this very conversation. Donnie, I asked, you and I were good friends back in high school, …. why the hell if religions are so….so….so perfected….tell me this …. why do they keep that damn cyclone fence between your religion’s grave yard and my family’s grave yard? If I were the freaking Pope, Donnie, I’d tear all these fences down as the ultimate way of walking the walk.

    Donnie, I was raised Methodist and road off the ranch some while back. Open my eyes how devisive our tribal beliefs really are. Oh well.

    Hey Donnie, see you next weekend. You know, if we were still kids and know all the stuff we know now, I’d hook a chain to your Ford pick up pull down this fence. Yah….that’s what I learned off the ranch! It ain’t much man, but tell me Donnie …. am I even close to right?

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