Zany Mystic to interview my son, Colin Cudmore, of the Garden Tower Project

A few months ago, Zany Mystic, aka Lance White, interviewed fellow blogger Laura Bruno, who suggested that he interview me. Then he started reading my blog, where he found out about the kickstarter for the Garden Tower Project. He ordered a tower, and was so excited about it, that he called Colin. They talked for the good part of an hour. Yesterday Lance sent me the info he put up for Colin, in advance of the (to be archived) audio show he will do with him this Saturday evening, 7 p.m. (PDT?). That’s tomorrow!

I’m glad he included “Colin’s story.” Here it is.

The Garden Tower Story

Let me tell you a few stories about this amazing kid (for he’ll always be a kid to me!):


Son Colin, when he was eleven years old.


• One day when Colin was three, his older brother Sean was enrolled in a Catholic nursery school (it was the closest to where we then lived). Sean came home from school one day in early September, already indoctrinated, saying, in a very smarty-pants way, “Mom, who made the world?” Of course his question put me on alert, and I answered him cagily, “Well, some people say God made the world.” This answer didn’t sit well with Sean. But Colin? He zinged out, “Oh yeah? Another god made that one, and another god made that one, and another god made that one. There’s lottsa gods!”

• One day when Colin was five, he dragged me into the room he shared with his brother. He was excited, wanted to show me how he could catch monsters. Obediently, I followed him. Getting down on his hands and knees, he pointed to various parts of the legs of the bed, to show me how he had tied invisible ropes to create a trap.

• In 1972, Colin and his brother Sean were enrolled in a very alternative school in Boston, where one of the teachers had established a “reading circle” for kids who wanted to do that instead of build their own little house or run around playing games. One day Colin, who was six at the time, decided to sit in the circle. The teacher handed him the book they were reading. He opened it, and waited his turn in the circle, while listening intently to the story. When his turn came, without skipping a beat, he pretended to “read” a few sentences. Only then did the teacher notice that Colin’s book was upside down.

• Best of all is another story from when he was three. He asked me one day, while bouncing a ball, “Mom, which is more real, my dreams or yesterday?” Rather than try to answer him, rather than come down on one side or the other to pretend that I knew what was “more real,” I just stood there in awe, and responded, “What I great question, Colin!”

Colin’s been questioning reality ever since. And, especially since 2010, when he moved from Massachusetts to live near me in Bloomington Indiana, he has been shaping reality into his dreams. The Garden Tower Project, is, he told me on Mother’s Day, now in the top 2% growth rate of all Indiana companies.

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  1. Jean says:

    This is what creativity is all about! It’s so exciting to see what the next generation is doing.

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