Will debt-shackled students rise up and take over?

Can they? Or is it too late, given the accelerating police state clamp-down.

On the other hand, remember, we are the 99%, not them, no matter how many guns and lasers and drones and tanks and EMPs they have to buttress their supposed “power.” Jean Haines, on her new blog, has today compiled a series of articles from zerohedge and others on the drastic situation facing the generation just now coming into their own, who have not only no prospects as wage-slaves, but are also weighed down by a seemingly permanent ball and chain.




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2 Responses to Will debt-shackled students rise up and take over?

  1. CindyW. says:

    with Fast Track authority, we have all become slaves (also on Jean’s blog) – unless something really unusual happens. So far, the Globalists/Corporatists/Monsanto et al. appear to have won. Most people where I live are asleep and know nothing of the TPP and don’t believe me when I try to tell them about it (loss of sovereignty).

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