Around the psy-ops world and back home again. Here. Now. Sober. Alive.

This morning at around 4 A.M. I lay in bed and listened to most of a “chilling” two-hour podcast, only falling asleep briefly and intermittently. The first hour was with Max Igan, and the second with Jim Fetzer. Igan’s subject was mostly financial: SHTF in September, he says, according to a banker he knows. Fetzer’s was Jade Helm, says that it is very very real, and outrageously alarming — basically, when the gate clangs shut on the U.S. police state — and to include sealing the borders! Like others, he says that Walmart, Target, and Home Depot are dual-purpose, having prior deals with the military to turn into supply depots and “processing” centers for “dissidents” who have been “extracted” before they are either summarily executed or sent to FEMA camps for “re-education.” Indeed, according to him, the logistics of Walmart’s ordering software is the same as that of the U.S. military, to ensure a smooth transition when needed.

Can you believe all this?

I sit here, on this glorious spring day, Earth offering up her latest profuse and aromatic spring blooming, and though I know that’s what “they” are planning, I just don’t feel they can pull it off.


Hey, but look at this! All over facebook, today:

Hmmmm. Meanwhile, I also see that September, 2015, is also the month when the U.N. is supposedly going to “launch a major sustainable development agenda” — meaning Agenda 21. Plus, the pope is going to speak to both the U.S. Congress and to the U.N. What’s up? It certainly looks like the end game to the long-planned, subtly enacted “One World Order” is just now becoming visible.

To add fuel to this fire, I can’t remember where I saw it, but Vladimir Putin very recently used the phrase “sustainable development” as well. Whether that was an intentional reference to Agenda 21, I don’t know. It may be that skeptics are correct, that Putin and the BRICS are just another version of centralized economic power. Or not? I have no idea.

When are we going to realize that “sustainable development” is an oxymoron? That rather than develop, i.e., continue the growth economy until every last drop of oil and gas and every last bit of precious metal has been extracted, we need to transform to a steady-state economy. And we can only do that by starting locally, where we live, then scaling up to regional resilience, via networking. Top-down solutions are just more of the same, and end up as police states.

Question: are all these plans now visible because “they” decided they should be, to ratchet up fear? Or are they visible because, that’s well, what we do now, expose their dirty tricks and plans whenever we find them. It used to be that we reacted after the fact. Then the time between what happened and our analysis started to shorten, from years, to months, to weeks, to days, to hours. Then we started to recognize false flag psy-ops as they were occurring. Now, are we correct to assume that if we broadcast their plans in advance with enough energy that we will defeat them before they can get going?

Meanwhile, letting my mind wander — I do wonder about the recent Amtrak train wreck, the engineer, who has no memory of accelerating to over 100 miles an hour on a 50 mph curve, was he taken over by some kind of mind control? And the two projectiles that supposedly hit the train just before, what were they about? Is this another psy-ops designed to make us afraid to travel, like the airplane “accidents”? And of course, to create chaos and confusion afterwards, especially in our minds, as we distract ourselves from whatever else “they” are doing by trying like hell to figure out what happened?

Forgive me, but it’s hard to concentrate long enough to even imagine that I could figure out anything. Sometimes I wish I were a robot, so that nothing would bother me, nothing — no emotions, and no exhaustion — would touch my “figuring” capacity. Speaking of which, here are two pieces — both wonderfully provocative — about A.I. and humans —

Ex Machina — The Global Brain Revealed


The Cognitive Short-Circuit of Consciousness

that remind me of those days back when I was a graduate student in philosophy, and terrified, just terrified that A.I. would actually take over. That’s because I didn’t yet know about the right brain, or about the heart. All I knew, all I personally was functioning with, at least in school back then, was that left brain which modern western schools are designed to program. They program us to become robots, and then to do “jobs” that robots could do better. Why then, have a job, if a robot could do it?

Meanwhile, seems to me we’ve got a real job to do, and most of it is not logical, not robotic, but emotional, deeply felt, if we wish to penetrate and then integrate personally and collectively possible implications of the dire straits that our planet is in, perhaps even the death throes of this civilization as we begin to endure the agonizing pain of rebirthing our humanity here on Earth again. Or not. Could it be, could it really be? Is our situation really that drastic? Here’s a piece that addresses it, if so:

The Great Grief: How to Cope when Losing Our World

In order to respond adequately, first we may need to mourn

I excerpt the final two paragraphs:

Contact with the pain of the world, however, does not only bring grief but can also open the heart to reach out to all things still living. It holds the potential to break open the psychic numbing. Maybe there is also community to be found among like-hearted people, among those who also can admit they’ve been touched by this “Great Grief,” feeling the Earth’s sorrow, each in their own way. Not just individual mourning is needed, but a shared process that leads onwards to public re-engagement in cultural solutions. Working out our own answers as honestly as we can, as individuals and as communities, is rapidly becoming a requirement for psychological health.

To cope with losing our world requires us to descend through the anger into mourning and sadness, not speedily bypass them to jump onto the optimism bandwagon or escape into indifference. And with this deepening, an extended caring and gratitude may open us to what is still here, and finally, to acting accordingly.

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  1. RETIRE ALL DHS AND NSA personnel honorably and decommission these pernicious agencies. Ritually plow under many key NSA and DHS hard assets in public ceremony, convert at least one high profile asset into a public museum dedicated to “Public Awareness of Tyranny.” Sell all non-militarized agency vehicles in advertised public auctions. Sell off the balance of DHS and NSA buildings. Ceremoniously melt down their hardware and remove all snooping devices. Identify their off shore foreign and/or floating physical assets, then destroy them in a similar public ceremonial fashion.

    OVERSIGHT WITH TEETH: Continue the CIA with Congressional oversight by 10% (43 Congressional members) of elected House members with special congressional exemption freedom to publicly disclose “minority oversight opinions” of congressional oversight committee members, in the public interest. Increase the penalty of lying under oath to the congressional oversight of the CIA, to treason, punishable by life in prison. Restrict subpoena powers of congress to exclude a sitting U.S. President or his legal counsel and members of the House and Senate and their legal council. Publicly admonish the CIA to refrain from absorbing the decommissioned tasks of the NSA and DHS.

    SEEK TRUTH TALKERS FOR PRESIDENT: Then find a person of sufficient character serving as President of the U.S. willing and freely able to deliver a keynote speech on a “New Era of Truth, Transparency and Forgiveness.” Bring the US into The New Era; announce that all federal agencies will for the first time adopt an “All Agency Computerized Bookkeeping System” that publicly accounts where every dollar goes with no Black Ops exemptions.

    NATIONAL DEFENSE: Defend and protect our liberty and freedom through our US Marine Corp, a US Air Force, an Army, and a US Navy. Render official “Disclosure.” Prohibit GMO outsourcing for national defense. Halt chemtrails and HAARP weather and geo-physical warfare in public speech explaining their growing adverse nature. Start a non-classified transfer to private corporate production for sale to the public of secret technologies for teleportation and zero point energy.

    RETRAIN OUR POLICE: Require all police departments to return the police toys received from federal grants over the past 10 years, back to the nearest national armories, or return the equivalent money received by the police departments to the U.S. Treasury,…. with the exception of personal police body camera’s so long as the department has a retraining program for police to protect and serve as compared to confront and conquer. Make a public list available of police department compliance progress updated every month. Advise in advance there will be a cut off of community grants inside 12 months to communities not complying.

    REFORM BANKING FINANCE, THE ROTTEN APPLE OF HUMANITY: Propose legislation to Nationalize the Federal Reserve. Unilaterally initiate and force the Federal Reserve’s cooperation with the issuance of Constitutionally authorized and printed US Treasury Direct Dollars. Call back in all Federal Reserve Notes.

    • Amen, amen! Wondrous, how you think things through, offering an actual way through, to turn what seems to be an impenetrablly wall of stuck, toxic sludge into a flowing river of change.

      • “Can’t we all get along?” implies more perhaps than any of us seem willing to freely concede beyond our tribe. But we try and try again and again, because we must.

  2. rose day says:

    Ann, Rich Buckley’s comments resonate personally as they address a paradigm brought home forcefully by a comment attributed to former CIA director, Bill Colby in which he infers that the
    agency controls the media and that much of what the American public believes to be true is
    blatantly false.

    Colby’s remarks reference a paradigm referred to as ‘Perception Management’ wherein governance
    is deemed only as effective as the government’s ability to convince the masses of the truth of that
    which is actually unbelievable…the psychosis of which for me personally is beyond the pale yet
    explains in part the psychopathic nature of what passes for The Establishment.

    I have finally accepted that the refusal by the otherwise mentally competent to accept as Truth only that which is put forth by established public and private agencies is proof positive of the power of
    perception management and there are few facets of life that remain unaffected.

    One such facet is the institution now masquerading as Education, the dissolution of which has
    affected countless numbers of innocent children and clueless parents. Though the situation is heartbreaking I am cheered by author Carolyn Myss’s theory that ‘hearts do not break in two,
    but rather wide open’…a paradigm that can only enhance ‘thinking from the heart’.

    Also, as a former educator, it is my personal observation that as these young people have
    been abandoned academically many have begun to rely on alternative learning modes and intuition is playing a prominent role. Intuition simply cannot be easily ‘mass-managed’, a fact
    that controllers obviously overlooked in their overall scheme.

    As humanity takes cues from those who operate from a point of heart-felt intuitive discernment, controlling tactics will lose their effectiveness and governance via ‘perception management’ will not stand a chance.

    • Amen to all that you and Rich talk about. Hard to fathom, the huge differences in perception, or is it reality? I’d like to think it’s always been this way, but I think not. The divides among us seem to be increasing, as if pulling apart the worlds.

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