Reverend Billy’s “Faster Monsanto Die! Die!” U.S. tour preceded by guerilla performance in the British Museum . . .

So very much creative protest action going on right now, all over the world. (Oh yeah? Yeah! Just google this: protest actions worldwide 2015).

Me? I plan to participate in the May 30th Protest Paddle with Heart of the River, against damming the White River at Anderson, Indiana, where it would destroy or degrade the ancient Anderson Mounds.

Here’s the highly creative and energetic Reverent Billy with his Church of Stop Shopping, what his “Saints” are up to now.

This video made me cry.

From today’s RevBill email:

Here is the new video of our guerilla performance inside the British Museum in London with BP or Not BP, Saints of the Church of Stop Shopping.

Now our Faster! Monsanto Die! Die! Tour takes us to JERSEY CITY AND CHICAGO.

The famous radio station WFMU remodeled its building after Sandy to include a theater. WFMU invited us to perform there this Friday at 7 PM, which will go out live on their website and on WFMU radio, on the Billy Jam show. Admission is free. Just show up at Monty Hall – 43 Montgomery Street, near the Exchange Place PATH station. We will announce our call for a New York City glyphosate ban and our summer long campaign. Earthalujah!

We conclude our FASTER, MONSANTO! DIE! DIE! TOUR at the March Against Monsanto in the Windy City, starts at 2 PM from 50 West Adams Street. Then that evening, Saturday May 23, the choir and band and Rev hold forth with the full Fabulous Worship at the Peoples Church. 941 West Lawrence, Chicago. Advance tickets are $8.

Citizens of Earthalujahville. We mailed the last dozen copies of “The End of the World” last week. We want to hear – did the holy write save your sinning soul? Or did you just hate it. As you know, we praise “The Sacred State of Exalted Embarrassment,” and we even sometimes go beyond our appreciation of social awkwardness to embrace hurt feelings. So go ahead and share you response to the book…

See some of you in Chicago? We’re looking for place to put up singers, ten in each place. Any ideas? There was a wonderful hostel we stayed in once, near the elevated in the loop. Can’t remember the name of it.

Reverend Billy Talen


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