TPP: Fast Track to Oblivion Derailed —

Update, May 14, 2015: Oops. The very next day, this:

TPP Vote 2015: Senate Reaches Agreement To Move Fast-Track Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Authority

— at least temporarily. I really like the way Laura Bruno talks about this new, and welcome, development, both her paean to our individual and collective efforts on many dimensions to both defeat the corporatists and ground our decentralized work to create the new world — as well as her caution, her knowing that “they” will be back, of course, with a vengeance. No “victory” is complete. Rather, we have to realize that the landscape, from this time on, will be rapidly changing. Which means that we must stay centered, balanced, and vigilant, so that we can respond when necessary, rather than simply react.

For me, that necessitates daily practices of yoga, tai chi, chi kung, and walking.

And you?

Good News on the TPP

It seems all the awareness raising and protesting of this secretive, destructive “free trade” treaty known as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has paid off. Yesterday, Senate Democrats gave Obama the no-go on Fast Track, which means at least a slow down of the march towards complete corporate tyranny. We need to continue to hold people accountable, but those who say it’s not worth raising your voice at all because “the fix is in” would do well to recognize that what we choose does matter. When we demand change in a peaceful, yet relentless way, things do shift.

I’ve no doubt the corporations and this Monsanto-and-big bank-friendly Administration have contingency plans in the works for such a significant setback; however, the failure to obtain Fast Track for the TPP has thrown a major monkey wrench into the speed of corporate takeover of every aspect of our lives, including national, state, local and individual sovereignty.

So, well done, people! Whether you used petitions, phone calls, marches, visualization, threatened boycotts, or my own personal favorite — literally flushed the TPP down the toilet using sympathetic magic with strong intent to purge oppression — any and all of these methods expressed a resounding “No!” that even the bribed and owned politicians in Washington could not ignore.

Now, let’s get busy creating alternatives: local, fair wages, creative, sustainable, enhancing the self-sufficiency and resilience of our communities. “We don’t need no stinkin’ TPP.” Our intentions, actions, prayers and voices opened a temporary vacuum. Let’s use that force to fill the current void with more and more of what we do want. The faster we create our own solutions and systems, the harder the sell for TPP and others like it.

In the midst of our hands on/in the ground work, let’s remember to take a moment to celebrate this victory. It’s too soon to tell if this will live up to its full potential as a game changer, but on the scoreboard of tyranny versus freedom, freedom just won an important battle. We’re moving along the road to Six of Wands style liberation:



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  1. laurabruno says:

    Yep, didn’t last long. I knew it wouldn’t, but that was faster than even I anticipated. Time to pull out all the magical stops, because this one’s not going away with just ordinary theater.

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