Tom Kenyon, via the Hathors: At death, we have three choices.

Ever since I began to read about (various versions of) multidimensionality, I have been entranced. Probably because of my early childhood experiences whooshing out into the universe from my body in a sleeping bag on the ground in the backyard; later, in my 20s, LSD experiences; plus that one time, standing in front of the kitchen sink washing dishes as usual, when all of a sudden “I”? shot up into the stratosphere, as if in a funnel, or elevator. The experience was drastic, both exhilarating and horrifying.

Now, bear with me if you’ve heard this story before, because I’m sure I’ve told it before: A few years ago, one day I found myself standing over my desk, looking down, when all of a sudden I felt “I”, myself, as a series of dimensions, each larger and more vaporous, refined, than the “lower” one, all as layers in an inverted pyramid shape, with the point of connection with the earth plane my two eyes. As if my eyes were the tiny portal for this immensity of which “I,” the 3-D ego, had been unaware until that moment. Again the experience was dizzying, but this time I could hold it all, all of it, in a larger awareness, both the pyramidal series of dimensions and the point (my eyes) through which they were coursing/focusing into this 3D world.

And, I realized later, it is this larger multidimensional “I” which, in large part, is in charge on this blog. There are lots and lots of “stories” I go through each day on the internet. Most of them I take note of and leave behind. Some I file away for possible use. A few grab me totally and I “do” something with them. It’s as if I’m creating a tapestry, each day, some my own threads, but mostly “stuff” from others, most of which I also introduce with some kind of commentary, like this.

Then there are those days, like yesterday, when I can’t do anything with anything; when I do not feel moved to comment or share; when I feel stuffed to the gills with too much, too much — almost nauseating. Those are the days when I get outside earlier than usual, take myself into our steadily growing and flourishing gardens. The ecstasy of simply stooping, bare hands in the soil, spring breeze ruffling hair, the cheeps of baby birds — we’ve identified a number of nests just on this two-home property, mingled with the clucking of the five back yard chickens — my body revving up with this delicious spring’s animal magnetism, loving the sun, the breeze, the thick, friable soil, the fragile seedlings with their long web-like roots that I carefully place and surround with soil — aaaah! It’s hard not to just swoon with joy, it really is.

But what started this post? Oh yes, it was a Tom Kenyon message from the Hathors, just received today via email, and its discussion of multidimensionality and a Hathor sound exercise to help move into multidimensionality. But here’s what really got me about this new message, a few paragraphs that talk about the Hathors view of what happens when we physically die.

There are three choices, they say; it’s not just that we “go towards the light.” This business of worshipping light at the expense of darkness has been a hallmark of patriarchal consciousness; so I love love love their view that the third choice, that of moving into the vast darkness, where all things are possible, is also not just viable but indeed doesn’t lead to that endless recycling of the same through reincarnation here on Earth! Certainly, it’s where I choose to go when “done” here. After all, I’m done here now! Have been for many years. For many years I’ve experienced this place as a dream, and wanted to “go home.” It has been within the last few years, since that sudden strange inverted triangle multidimensional experience standing over my desk experiencing my tiny eyes as portals into the vastness, that I began to integrate light (in this case of awareness of 3D) and dark (all the other dimensions which I assume basically go on to infinity), and to then, utilize this integration in my life, both here on this blog and in helping to create, in my own local place, a permacultural paradise as template for the New Earth.

Here’s the excerpt from the new Tom Kenyon post. But do read the whole thing.


The Fifth Perspective: Transcending Space and Time

May 12, 2015

by Tom Kenyon

There are two types of death we wish to discuss. The first type of death is the psychological and spiritual metamorphosis that occurs when you shift into fifth dimensional reality. This can often feel like a type of death because your habitual orientation to the sensory-based realities of your life disappears. Who are you? What is the meaning of your life? These fundamental existential questions are profoundly affected by transitions into fifth and higher dimensional realities.

And so for those of you reading this who are transiting into the fifth dimension—or higher—we say to you, do not be dismayed by the feelings of your demise. Your feelings of your impending death may be arising within you as a result of your transition into higher dimensional reality and not a harbinger of your physical death.

The second type of death we wish to discuss is the death of your biological reality (i.e., your physical body). At the final completion of the death process you will no longer receive sensory input from your external world, and your experience of space and time (as you currently experience them) will be obliterated. This can be quite disorienting if you are not prepared. It can also be quite exhilarating if you understand the nature of what is happening.

If you fully and completely identify yourself solely as a biological organism the moment of your death can be frightening. If, however, you have already tasted the freedom of fifth dimensional reality or higher your transition through death will be easier.

At the completion of your biological death, from our experience and perspective, you will be confronted with three portals. The first is a tunnel of light. The second is a portal opened through the energetics of a guru or savior. And the third is a portal, or tunnel, that leads into darkness.

The tunnel of light is generated from the pranic tube that runs through the center of your body, which runs from your perineum to your crown, and it is a tunnel-like or tube-like channel. At the moment of death, your consciousness moves upward through this tunnel that opens into another dimension of consciousness through your crown chakra.

On the other side of this tunnel is a bright light, and you may find yourself sensing that you are on a bridge crossing over a stream or a river. On the other side of the bridge will be those persons of your previous life, the lifetime you have just ended. You may sense those who have died before you, including pets you have had, because the animal spirits also dwell in this realm. If there are incomplete relationships or issues still to be resolved with these persons or beings, you may feel a yearning to enter this light, and by doing so you re-enter the wheel of birth and death, and you will reincarnate—most likely on Earth.

The second portal is created by the personal will of a guru or savior. Entering this portal will lead you into the vibratory field of the guru or savior that you have a deep personal connection to. And for those of you on this path, entering this dimension of consciousness will be the completion of a profound desire to be with this being. Our caution here is that you will be entering a realm defined not only by the evolutionary attainment of your guru or savior but also by his or her limitations.

The third portal opens into darkness. And entering this portal leads you into the Void, the creatrix from which all things arise. If you choose this portal and have prepared yourself to deal with this level of freedom you will be freed to explore other dimensions of this cosmos and beyond, meaning states of being that transcend all physical phenomena. In this realm of existence you can become an explorer of other realities as you so choose.

Some individuals swoon when confronted with the vastness of the Void. They rush into choosing a new reality rather than taking their time to rest in the potential of all things. We have addressed this in a previous message called Transition States.

We have no judgment as to which portal you enter through the dimensional shift you call death. But we think it is beneficial for you to know what awaits you beforehand so that you can prepare yourself for the choices that you will be compelled to make on the other side of your earthly experience.

Death is not an ending. It is merely the completion of one journey through space and time. Death is a harbinger of new potential realities, and you will create these realities through the choices you made during your life as well as through the choices you make at the moment of your death.

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2 Responses to Tom Kenyon, via the Hathors: At death, we have three choices.

  1. Wendy Lochner says:

    Fantastic! That’s all I can say.

  2. Living humans have similar choices presently, yes?

    1] Sustain separation consciousness, limiting beliefs and patterns
    2] Empower others instead of ourselves
    3] Grow up and out of grievances and differences into unity consensus, and Natural Law [cause no harm or loss], to empower a coherent new world, like no tract of humanity before us

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