Jade Helm, State Power, Civilization vs. Nature, Climate Chaos, and the Pope.

Oh my! Though I’d love to ignore Jade Helm, it’s hard to do, given my naturally conspiratorial mind (i.e., I can’t help but look for patterns) and the ramp up/clamp down of state power via all the recent false flags and weirdly confusing incidents: planes down and/or disappearing; Sandy Hook in Connecticut, Boston Marathon bombing and lock-down, Baltimore and Ferguson and many many many other police shootings; privatization of prisons, militarization of police, rumors of FEMA camps and trains with shackles built into floor — on and on!

What to do? Wring my hands in agony? No. rather, wash my hands of all trace of the fear that grips people when they take any of this BS seriously. Not that it isn’t “real,” as real as anything in the matrix illusion that we have created via collective thought forms; but that its “reality” is just a scrim upon the real reality of Nature.

Which reminds me. Here are two perspective-giving screen shots from a facebook group called “Whistling in the Dark.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 10.44.37 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 10.45.25 AM

That’s correct. Civilization is not primary, Nature is primary, period.

In the larger context of climate change, or maybe “climate chaos“(?) — it appears that federal, state and local powers are beginning to face off with each other re: Jade Helm:

Federal vs. State:

Texas Governor Calls Up State Guard To Counter Jade Helm “Federal Invasion” Fears

Jade Helm 15 Exercise: Colorado Backs Out

Federal vs. Local

Jade Helm 15 Cancelled in Two Texas Counties: Remaining Texans Wary

Then there is the ridicule factor, lots of media calling people’s natural fears of federal take over and martial law a “conspiracy theory.” For example, this, which is, however — and surprisingly — only partly tongue-in-cheek:

LA Times Op-Ed: The Truth behind Jade Helm 15 Conspiracy Theories

Well, what is this or any other military exercise (or “drill,” that of course could “go live” at any moment) but a conspiracy fact? Military minds all breathing together, con-spiring.

Sometimes I think that what we think of as a grand conspiracy theory is actually just a continuing job program for the military. That “they” are coming here because our military has destabilized, chaoticized, destroyed, murdered, so many far-away countries that it would be easier just to stay home and do the same thing.

This morning I laid in bed and listened to several current videos with Alfred Webre and James Gilliland, re: their own versions of a larger “conspiracy theory” that Webre claims, starts September 23, 2015 and ends October 16, 2016 — with, I presume, most likely Jade Helm as preface? Very interesting and provocative, as his timing involves the Pope coming to the U.S., not only to meet with Obama in the White House, but to become the very first pope to address Congress on September 24, 2015.

Here’s Webre’s written report:

NewsInsideOut report: A global Extinction Level false flag event is underway under the Meme “September 23, 2015” lasting until Oct. 11-12, 2016, challenging the positive timeline

BTW: I have noticed how “ISIS” is now supposedly in Garland Texas, one of the states where Jade Helm is to operate. Bingo! Setting the stage for FEAR (false evidence appearing real): Problem, Reaction, Solution — martial law, clamp down, yada yada.

I have just joined Webre’s public group fb page Jade Helm 15 to help expose and defang this possible end-game outrage, what Webre calls “the September 23, 2015 year long Extinction Level false flag.”

Here’s what Webre suggests we can do to help dissolve this gigantic false flag before it gains more traction:

• We can Acknowledge the September 23, 2015 event as a false flag publicly, learn about it, share about with family, friends, and networks, create chat groups, personal groups, teaching groups and support groups to share about it and all its dimensions;

• We can support researchers, independent media, public groups, and others who speak out against the September 23, 2015 false flag operation and not allow assassination attempts; shilling; cointelpro; use of frequency weapons against them and their family members for attempted intimidation;

• We can bear Personal Witness before, on, and after the initial days of the events that they are the September 23, 2015 false flags;

• We can reach out to public officials of all levels of all nations and make them aware of the September 23, 2015 – October 16, 2015 false flag;

• We can vote into office public officials who vote against and are committed to expose false flag operations and overturn laws based on false flag operations, such as the Patriot Act (USA) and Bill C-51 (Canada).

I’d like to think that we can just sit back and watch the whole thing implode. But I have a feeling that full-on presence is necessary — including awareness of what “they” are trying to do. Plus continuous, committed action, in another direction altogether. Let us resolutely set ourselves, with every thought, word and deed, in the direction of a beautiful, abundant, harmonious future for all of life on this beautiful planet Earth.


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