Recent Cobra and Wilcock downloads: What is real? And, what is reality?

I just spent the better part of two hours skimming, dipping or swooping down and through two very long posts which pull out all the stops of just about anybody’s horizon of awareness. Whether their various dissolving of those horizons is “real” or not is anybody’s guess — as usual. I do sometimes stop and read these kinds of posts, even though the info? disinfo? in them doesn’t have much — or even any — relevance to my daily life. I make no decisions based on what I “discover” in posts like these. My own internal attitudes are not altered. I’m neither surprised or shaken in any kind of fundamental way. But what I am is entertained. I hope not entertrained! And I do find the seeming mastery of mysterious, unseen realms that Cobra seems to exhibit (and Rob too, especially his rattling off of various ET species, their origins and conflicts), and the indefatigible investigative thrust of David Wilcock integrating “insider intel” of “data points” endlessly astonishing.

My late husband Jeff used to knock off one science fiction or science fantasy paperback book a day. He’d sit in our yurt across from the Grand Teton in Wyoming cross-legged on the little couch and just inhale them.

Imagine Jeff, sittin' on the couch cross-legged, inhaling science fiction and science fantasy paperbacks.

Imagine Jeff, sittin’ on the couch, inhaling.

Then, once a month or so, he would take a pile of them to a used book store in Jackson for resale. I used to wonder at his huge thirst for this kind of open-ended exploration of possibilities? realities? behind/beyond the usual 3-D world we seem to inhabit. Now I wish he was here to help me weed through them. But then, he’d probably just laugh if I asked.

2015 April Q & A with Cobra — Rob Potter

Secret Space Program: Countdown to Exposure


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