Bernie, HIllary, and Me

I am perplexed as to my own bifurcated attitude. On the one hand I celebrate “Run Bernie Run!” and on the other I sigh wearily, knowing that his campaign, in the larger picture — and probably within a year — will be viewed as just a ruse that drove puppet Hillary to the left (temporarily) in this faux game of “opposite” parties and meanwhile, same ol’, same ol’, as what’s left of the fake fiat money gets funneled all the way to the top.

Get this! Truly let this one factoid settle down into your gut. Guaranteed to make you double over in pain, and then, maybe, just maybe, rise up in fury, join hands, and revolt! In the year 2014:

Wall Street bonuses equal to double the total income of all minimum wage workers in America


Chris Hedges is calling for revolution:

Make the Rich Panic

Meanwhile, I’m not surprised that Hillary hobnobs with the rich, hell — IS rich. Here’s her natal chart —

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.18.40 AM

— with its extraordinary tension between royal, generous, entitled Leo and secretive, power-hungry, game-playing Scorpio.

And, BTW, her Moon is in Pisces. She does listen, and she is empathic.

And, BTW, her Jupiter is in the very first degree of Sagittarius. She is a big picture thinker.

But both Moon and Jupiter are subsumed into that overwhelming Leo/Scorpio dynamic which involves Mars/Saturn/Pluto in Leo square Venus/Mercury/Ascendant in Scorpio. So that she feels utterly comfortable in the halls of power, revels in her queenly role, and most likely, has a Kissingerian “real politik” attitude, no matter what her campaign promises which will most likely shift like the wind, given her Piscean sensitivity to prevailing currents.

Unfortunately, I don’t know Bernie’s chart. But who cares? He doesn’t have a chance in hell, right? The game is rigged!

Even so, that first, natural, and ever-naive, innocent part of me can’t help but get excited! At last, a real, passionate, messy-white-haired elder stands up, somebody who doesn’t really give a hang about the politics, just tells it like it is for him. From the New York Post:

In his first interview on ABC’s “This Week” since declaring his candidacy, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said the US should operate more like the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

“I can hear the Republican attack ad right now: ‘He wants America to look more like Scandinavia,’” countered ABC host George Stephanopoulos.

But Sanders said that’s exactly what he wants.

“That’s right. That’s right. And what’s wrong with that?” Sanders said.

Yep! I’m going to encourage both these fractious minds of mine, let them play out, not to cancel each other, but to fertilize each other.

“Do I contradict myself. Very well, then I contradict myself. Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson



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  1. “The promised prosperity that was to have raised living standards through trickle-down economics has been exposed as a lie.”…

    Chris Hedges, while most persuasive, almost totally disagrees with me as to the edge we place on the words we use to construct citizen emotions.

    Chris’s views are hardened by decades of living in the Eurocentric remains of the Bravarian illuminati capitals. He only saw war before social change. He had to figuratively walk through “Vlad The Impaler’s” backyard just to reach his office every day. His rhetoric hides the fact that when you corner Hedges and demand clarification he then softens his tone to mean “peaceful revolution,” not war.

    At the core of Chris’s rhetoric is a resident disgust (I share with Chris) for the powerful political meme of the Right: Trickle-down Economics – a right wing sound bite that has acquired sacred meaning. We can correct the sound bite without challenging the merits of competition and free markets in capital allocation. It doen’t take running panic a violent war as Chris words impart. It takes smaller changes that give us work-arounds to the cabal’s road blocks. I will not entangle my soul energy in the emotional darkness into which Chris pulls his readers to make his points.

    There is a better way in peace and the Awakening is happening without war and violence as hard as the cabal tries. It true, we seem to be running on a positive time line. I’m cool with that, totally.

    Hedges makes one valid point: VOTE INDEPENDENT.

    In the final analysis Ross Perot caved in out of fear for his family. That is an understandable weakness. But we have Andy Basiago (Facebook: Andy2016! ) and therein lies the difference.

    There is a better way. We’re recasting the the system without destroying the nation. Freedom, liberty, and free will must live on.

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