What’s really going on with the global economy?

Great question, eh? Here’s an unusually interesting transcription of an audio analysis, made on February 15, 2015, by the Thrive Movement’s Foster Gamble, who breaks the scenarios down into five: A,B,C,D and E and says they are all possible, indeed, all have a certain momentum, no matter how contradictory — and he doesn’t know which one will win out either— but let’s lend our own energy to either A or E!

I would agree. We are in the midst of a huge deathing/birthing process, the labor pains are intense, and we have absolutely no idea what this new baby is really going to look and feel like.

Or, another metaphor: we are each of us sitting in the middle of the quantum field, feeling the popping energies all around and through us, streaming and zinging in a number of directions, all nudged into being by us and their various strengths depending on the power and precision of our individual and collective intent. Whichever alternative “wins” will be that brought into being by the collective will of this species (and perhaps other species).

Reminds me of when I was a kid, playing in the mud, on a slightly downward slope, carving channels for the water, watching the currents split and shift and redirect into various channels. How the water moved, was all up to me.

I would just excerpt the five scenarios here, but I think that Foster Gamble’s unusual background and consciousness — how he’s directed his own channels to flow throughout his life — are helpful to understand his unusually wide and encompassing “take” on global economic matters, i.e., just how he thinks and “where he’s coming from.”

Meanwhile, for my own part, I choose, as far as possible, to move beneath the matrix of the money economy (of whatever kind) into the gifting economy, so that no matter what alternative “current” humanity chooses for its new “currency,” it won’t much “matter”!

Let us remember, re-member; let us put ourselves back together again and real-ize (make real): the word “matter” stems from the Latin, mater: Mother; ultimately, all “wealth” is Hers, and we need to recognize that the mysterious aliveness within our own little bodies is fueled within the aliveness powering Mother Earth’s beautiful, bountiful body. Amen!

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