What is the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns?

This Gillian Grannum newsletter presents a clear, cogent, and compelling account of implications from premises to which I cannot help but nod my head.

Symmetrical Patterns Persist. Asymmetrical Patterns Do Not

May 2, 2015

by Gillian Grannum

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“The earth itself is comprised of various elements with different makeups. Everywhere we look, there are patterns and cycles which persist without needing to be maintained: in weather, in every ecosystem including lakes and forests, and in the chain of life. Buried deeper beneath the more evident patterns that have been observed for thousands of years, there are more patterns at work which have been found in various aspects of life across the world.” (Nick Harding).

These patterns are maintained through symmetry, a yin-yang flow of energy that is continually replenished so the pattern not only persists but expands. Unlike symmetrical patterns asymmetrical patterns lose coherence and implode when this yin-yang flow of energy is disrupted. A perfect example of an asymmetrical pattern that’s losing coherence is the Western financial system. Any possibility of persistence dissipated once greed and avarice took hold.

“Every enterprise must earn a profit to survive. A worker-owned collective must earn a profit, as it needs money to reinvest in the business and reward those who have invested their capital (human, social, financial, intellectual, etc.) in the enterprise.” (Charles H Smith)

This process of re-investment works because it fulfills a critical requirement of patterns and cycles that persist. It has symmetry. When the pattern itself is altered such that no meaningful re-investment occurs the result is entropy.

The pattern contorts into what we perceive daily masquerading as the human financial system. The majority finds itself embedded within an asymmetricpattern that has turned earning a profit into a public-relations stunt, one “used to cloak its real heart: Infinite Greed.”

Forget about shared profit. It’s about maximizing private gain and “strip-mining the planet and the labor and profit of others.” It’s a form of global financial fascism with a rotting core centered in Washington, DC and fed by Wall Street.“If I buy a political favor that essentially eliminates competition in my private fiefdom, that doesn’t generate more goods and services; it’s simply maximizing my private gain at the expense of everyone else in the system.” (Charles H Smith)

Asymmetric systems feed parasites and starve the host

Goosing the stock market ever higher only solves one problem: the terrible prospect that the assets of the incredibly wealthy might reset lower. It doesn’t make the system sustainable or less evil; indeed, it is the manifestation of the evil at the heart of the entire system. It’s not about shiny capitalism for the masses, or earning a profit by producing more and better goods and services: it’s about doing whatever it takes to maximize private gain.” (Charles H Smith)

Sad to say this “ongoing parasitic mindset of deceit and control is reflected in today’s version of anti-human machinations, be they overt governments or clandestine forces, and why they’re so feverishly trying everything they can to pollute our minds, hearts and bodies with such a massive array of destructive and restrictive mechanisms. Not the least of these techniques is false propaganda that suppresses truth, confusing the mind, perverting our capabilities for rational thought and ultimately quelling our spirits, all while promoting the agenda they would have us to believe instead.” (Zen Gardner)

When the combined assets of 99% totals less than what’s owned by 1% a code-red asymmetrical pattern exists

“Creating and pointing to outside enemies is as old as society itself and is designed to disguise and distract us from their true intent – the vampiric draining of the human energetic being. The very fact that they have to work so hard to suppress and contain us is the giveaway.

“The fact that we’re racing headlong into discovering and activating our full potential is having a profound effect. Not only are they having to delay and rearrange their dark designs continually, but their very energetic core is fritzing now. The projected hologram of the matrix they’re working so hard to keep powered up is flickering. (Zen Gardner)

“That’s the wonder of it all, and why we need to see this time we’re living in as the amazing opportunity that it is. We’re being challenged to rise to the occasion, and if that’s what it takes to bring us into this magnificent realizing of our boundless infinite potential and to join together in a massive worldwide love fest that connects us not just here but with everything there is, then so be it!” (Zen Gardner)

Until next time,
Gillian Grannum, Ph.D.


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