May Day! May Day! May Day! (take two)

I woke up early this morning with “May Day! May Day! May Day!” in my brain. Ah ha! Maybe I should write a post on that. Six hours later, having done some chi kung, eaten breakfast, cleaned house, walked the dog, and — before even getting out of bed — listened to some of David Wilcock’s latest “insider intel” audio, I discover that I DID write a post on May Day, way back in 2012. Geez, how time flies.

May Day! May Day! May Day!

And you know, it does seem to be that these posts just fly through me. Thank goddess I don’t have to also remember them.

Speaking of “intel,” geez, that David Wilcock just keeps on barreling it through him, a zany compilation of what seem to be totally outlandish ideas about, in this case, mostly space wars, going on above our heads, all the time. Wild.

Here’s someone who took notes on his latest two hour audio:

David Wilcock Major Update: History of ‘Old One’s’, Draco’s, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surender, Sphere Beings, and Much More – Notes from Recent Talk

For the past five or six days we have had perfect spring weather, the kind that makes me decide to bask in the sun while hanging my clothes up to dry and then discovering only two hours later that they’re already dry! Reminds me of Idaho, or Wyoming. This kind of dry air never happens in Indiana in humid summer.

Another amazing fact: I have noticed hardly any chemtrails in the past week or so. Some days clear blue skies that don’t even get all that hazy as the day wears on. This is truly remarkable, given that for the past year or two there have been usually numerous crisscrossing chemtrails every single day, my noticing of which puts me through the usual emotional wringer — fury, resignation and/or “detachment”— and if not detachment, then following resignation, a feeling of hopelessness, dragging me down. Or trying to. Actually, no matter how many chemtrails in the sky, I notice in myself a resolute determination to keep on authentically living my life, working both globally and locally to help human beings return to the Mother Earth before she decides to give up on us — either shakes us off or buries us.

Speaking of which, according to Dutch Sinse, there are more earthquakes both happening, and in the offing, worldwide:

And yep, volcanos, too.

Volcanic Eruptions off West Coast United States

Meanwhile, let’s keep on keepin’ on this beautiful May Day.

Hey, and guess what? May Day is not just about emergencies, it’s also Beltane!

Facts, History and Traditions of the Beltane Festival



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