Big Ag (and Transport), Big Ed, Big Med, and and Big Penis (oops! I meant to say Big Military/Industrial Complex): What do they all have in common?

Answer: they are all ripe for disruption. Why? Because these unwieldy cartels have such systemic and contradictory complexity, plus top-heaviness and fixed costs — with little or no, or negative return — that their great hulking masses can be jacked up and then crashed down or wrenched open (and bled to death) by tiny levers. As author Charles Hugh Smith puts it:

The more burdensome and intractable the systemic costs, the greater the gains to be reaped from disrupting the status quo.


What few in these protected industries dare admit is the state/cartel cost structures are now so burdensome, the nation can no longer afford these services.

Mark his words as we move through, especially, the next three years. Though the final exact square (90° angle) between Uranus and Pluto occurred March 16-17, 2015, these two long-running outer planets will remain within a few degrees of this primal revolutionary combination through 2017; moreover, during January-February 2016, these two planets will return to sit for two months within one degree of the exact square.

Each of us individually and all of us together will both participate in and witness the stunning extrusion of the Uranus/Pluto square into materiality via likely disruption of these four “Big” fiefdoms during the next three years.

Best to prepare: But how?

• Get real and get grounded — right here and now into your local place. Tune into and feel grateful for Earth‘s power, awareness, intelligence, beauty and abundance. Ask her for help! She awaits your call.

• Tune into your portion of Earth, that is, your body, and its symbolic language of, not just “symptoms,” but hunches, dreams and synchronicities. Align with natural healers, plant and energy medicine — plus other alternative healing modalities that do not cut, maim, poison, or kill.

• Grow and preserve food, catch/hold water, cooperate and share with others in community.

• Learn on your own, or with others, whatever catches and holds your passionate attention (via watching, listening to elders, conversation, apprenticeships, trial-and-error, you-tube videos, etc. etc.). For in this manner you are in training to gift your unique expression to the world.

• And above all, free yourself from the mind-controlled internal war against the mysterious flowing currents of your own infinitely beautiful nature. I.e., Take off your conceptual helmet and shake out your hair! You’ll be glad you did. (And you’ll be pissed that you didn’t do it sooner. I sure was.)

If only a tiny percentage (3%? 5%) of human earthlings initiate these personal and community transformations, we thereby achieve critical mass and the rest will follow. We break the glass ceiling and the sky’s the limit as to what we can be and do and become .

Disrupt or Be Disrupted

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Sorry no umpf to read the article today but just wanted to say your title made me smile 🙂

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