Oh well, Hillary . . . considerations.

Note: The word “consideration,” means to go with the stars. Just as “disaster” means to turn away from the stars. Hillary may, just may “go with the stars.” Especially, if campaign advisor John Podesta has his way and her presidency (for it does seem assured, as the machine grinds on), does manage to reveal and spell out the extraterrestrial presence.

Obama Adviser John Podesta’s Biggest Regret Is Not Getting UFO Files Released

In August 1995, I was living in Jackson Hole when the Clintons came to town. Again. This was the time when the iconic photo was shot, of Hillary with David Rockefeller (the Rockefellers have a large ranch in the valley, bordering the Tetons), that has been rumored to be “proof” of her discussion with him about UFOs. The book in her arms? Supposedly by Paul Davies: Are we Alone? Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life.


During that Clinton visit, I was invited, along with around 30 local women of note, to meet the Clintons at a fund-raiser in a giant glass-walled home on top of a mountain. (Not that I was “of note;” I got in because a friend of mine owned the home.) At the time I was publishing a small magazine with national reach, Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging (1989-2001), and I decided to give her a copy of the latest issue when I went through the receiving line.

When my turn came, I handed the magazine to her. She glanced at the cover and said, without missing a beat, “CRONE . . . That’s an honorific title, right?” as she smoothly handed the magazine off to an assistant.

I must say, I was impressed. That she would instantly recognize the intent of the magazine, to activate the Crone archetype, which meant in part, to transform the cultural view of “Crone” from its dictionary definition of an “ugly, withered, cantakerous old woman” to “woman of wisdom and power.”

I’ll never forget that moment. It helped me realize just who we are dealing with. She herself is Crone, though I wonder just what kind of power she wants to wield. If I look at her warmongering past, I shudder. Check out the iconic little laughing video about our invasion of Libya in this Allen L. Roland piece: “We came. We saw. He died” — referring to the grizzly televised murder of Gaddafi.

Hillary Jumps In with All Her Baggage

David Swanson gives detail:

Oh Hell, Hillary

“Of course I pointed out Hillary Clinton’s role in wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, etc., her profiteering off Boeing while marketing Boeing weapons as Secretary of State, her transformation of the State Department into a fully owned subsidiary of the military, her foundations taking money from Chevron and Exxon-Mobil while she persuades Eastern European countries not to ban fracking. Hillary backs Israel’s crimes, opposes the UN and international law.”

And yet, just yesterday, I see that she is now coming out with an amazing position: to reverse Citizens United, by constitutional amendment of necessary.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Attacks “Dark Money”

Wow! But you know, I just can’t help but ask, does she mean it? Or is this but a campaign promise to get progressive Democrats in her camp.

The Clintons are used to big bucks. Check this out, from 2013.

Chelsea Clinton to buy $10.5 million apartment on Madison Square Park (PHOTOS)

Though I would love, love, love, to support a “woman running for president,” and though I would love to be able to swipe my memories of her warmongering ways, somehow I just can’t! This SNL segment says it all. LOL.

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  1. ksense says:

    “I just can’t help but ask, does she mean it?” ….. After everything you know, after the last 25 (50) years of broken campaign promises? Of course she doesn’t mean it! Have we learned nothing from the current POTUS? It doesn’t matter what they say or which Party they belong to. Their focus is control of you. Nothing else matters to them. I hope those of us who got off of the Party Politics train don’t get caught-up in the next cycle and fall for the BS again. NEITHER candidate is good for you. Besides, I personally don’t think voting matters anyway. ‘They’ place whomever they wish in office. The least integrity is at the top of any the structure. We’re not supposed to trust our neighbors but have blind support for some moron because he/she belongs to a certain Political Party???? It’s 2 management teams working for the same company. Good Gawd, how can you even “consider” the idea?

  2. mary says:

    i wanted Hillary in 2008 & was disappointed but okay with BO. Wow, what a fool i was then. Now I agree w/ ksense – the two party system is only a single corrupt mirage. Even Bernie Sanders & Warren supported Israel in their Gaza Slaughter last summer because they know who gave them large donations. Am glad to know your eyes are open to her warmongering nature – there’s some Dick Cheney in that Scorpio.

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