I’m off to a Sufi Dance Weekend in Ohio

Tomorrow I take off for Columbus, Ohio, and a four day Dances of Universal Peace group meditation in the Sufi manner.

I will NOT bring computer.

Sufism is the mystical arm of Islam. The Dances of Universal Peace, rooted in the Sufi way, consist of simple circle dances with songs from sacred phrases of all world religions. This ceremonial group practice attunes participants to the presence of the divine within.

The timing is exquisite. I’m still sitting inside this morning’s invocation of the overwhelming and ongoing collective grief that we call Fukushima.

A DUP event from 2013.

Let us eat, dance, and pray together: A Dance of Universal Peace Weekend.

Another one, from 2014.

Let us eat, dance and pray together: A Personal Journey

And here’s a flyer for this weekend’s event.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 5.50.54 PM

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  1. hyavision11 says:

    Thank you with love. In-Joy! šŸ™‚ <3

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