California Dreamin’ — of Water. Take three: CORRECTION?

I wrote the first two recent “California Dreamin'” posts (here and here) about water in California with a certain headline in the back of my mind, namely, this:

Drought-stricken California only has one year of water left, Nasa scientist warns

Taking that title at face value, I did not distinguish between stored ground water (in aquifers, stored over thousands of years), and surface water (rain and snow). Now the NASA scientist who wrote that article has done just that, and hastens to add that the state has “decades” of ground water left, but that it will have to be marshalled very carefully, given that the state historically goes through cycles of drought.

I wonder if the political and economic blowback from just that title was so tremendous that he had to backpeddle and soften the impact (whether or not his new conclusions are true). In any case, I imagine there will be migrations, even so.

Just not the entire state!

What this NASA scientist meant about California having a year of water left

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