California Dreamin’ — of water: the SHTF, NOW.

Update, same day: See Rich Buckley comment, below. The possible solution he points to via Ellen Brown is very interesting (to say the least!), plus I’m glad he mentioned the probable geo-engineering of this drought.

Along with the Governor Brown’s announcement of new mandatory state rules for cutting back water use —

California Mandatory Water Cutbacks

— comes this article about dirty “sour water” coming from taps.

California Drought — sour water a new normal in the East Bay?

Climate change hits home, in a big way. It changes the earth, and it changes the human atmosphere: the choice between service-to-self and service-to-others becomes a minute by minute imperative. Some succumb to the former:

The drought in California is so bad that people are stealing water from fire hydrants

This isn’t just the perception of “scarcity,” as set up by the illusory fiat “money” system that rules us; this, folks, is real scarcity, as only our planet’s elemental fire/earth/air/water biosystem can deliver. And who among us can say that we would NOT take for ourselves and loved ones water that is meant to be shared?

When the survival instinct kicks in, what happens to so-called higher consciousness? — unless, of course, we happen NOT to be afraid of death. Now that climate change is affecting millions of people in a very big way, we have one good reason to meditate on Death, because when we let go of that fear, we move into unknown mental, emotional, and spiritual territory, a charged, transformed atmosphere that we will need to inhabit as we struggle through these perilous times.

On Death, see this:

This Powerful Ally Is Also Our Biggest Fear

Meanwhile, how much water does Palm Springs, home of 125 golf courses, use?

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.29.36 AM

Above graph thanks to this article:

What we’ll lose and learn from the world’s first major water collapse

Not the first. Check out Rio.

Brazil’s most populous region facing worst drought in 80 years




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  1. I’m not certain anyone ever reads my “Vintner Alerts” in my local California Wine Country in the Livermore, but I suspect the recent Vintner Alert #9 just sent out, is gaining some traction:

    Vintner Alert #9


    We are in a global atmospherics war, a real war where people die, deploying hemispheric attacks targeting whole swaths of countries to inflict ag-adverse conditions and turn green belts into deserts, create earth quakes triggered on-call, and all created by secret funding of unregulated and unsupervised scientists working for alphabet soup labeled agencies.


    My research suggests there are four strategic weather related technology categories currently funded and operational (a) including HAARP, (b) including Chemtrails, (c) including Klystron burst network management – “Turning Natural Storms into Biblical Floods”- training video, (d) including Trans-human Nano-bot and biological seedings of Artificial Intelligence with nano bots designed to be absorbed into human blood then turned on by remote frequency activation.

    And we’re all too busy to really give a damn.


    These black-art experiments have been underway on us in California for decades and are just now reaching pubic awareness in their fullness of understanding. The black magic is perpetuated and reinforced by us all unwittingly, through our predictable, detached, too-busy, cattle-walk into the slaughterhouse killing room type behavior.


    Deep water seems to be everywhere: – deep water might be hot
    (short video)


    Is this what “deep under-oceanic-level” water access might look like?

    “Pauer maintains that a well sufficient to service an entire community could be dug and generating great volumes of water in a mere two or three days, at a cost of about $100,000. The entire state of California could be serviced for about $800 million – less than 2% of the cost of the very controversial Delta water tunnels – and this feat could be accomplished without robbing the North to feed the South.”


    The point Pauer makes is confusing…typo’s and all. The paper seems to imply deep, fresh water in ocean-quantities could be achieved all over California for under $1-billion total for the entire state.

    I think Pauer’s cost estimates are off by at least a factor of 10, but that still keeps them in the range of financial feasibility.


    The depths of our deepest boreholes are about 15,000 meters or 40,000 feet. The “deepest borehole in the world,” is called the “Kola Super Deep Borehole” created for scientific exploration at 40,230 feet deep. A couple of oil wells are perhaps 500 feet deeper.

    There is a very important quote on the Wikipedia page that seems to support Pauer’s conclusions as to the availability of water:

    “To scientists, one of the more fascinating findings to emerge from this well (Kola Superdeep Borehold) is that no transition from granite to basalt was found at the depth of about 7 km, where the velocity of seismic waves (sound waves used to measure strata changes) has a discontinuity.

    “Instead the change in the seismic wave velocity is caused by a metamorphic transition in the granite rock. In addition, the rock at that depth had been thoroughly fractured and was saturated with water, which was surprising. This water, unlike surface water, must have come from deep-crust minerals and had been unable to reach the surface because of a layer of impermeable rock. [8]”
    (Rich Buckley comment: Vast ocean quantities of Deep Earth-crust fresh water in quantities greater than in our surface oceans, too deep to drill with current technologies, 100’s of miles deep, is being released from these great depths through continuous natural processes, then migrating upwards to drill-depths of 7,000 to 15,000 meters where it is trapped beneath an impermeable strata in natural barrier holding tanks. — that’s what I’ve found through supporting independent research referenced above.)

    Here again is the original link to the deep water discussion on Ellen Brown’s blog page:


    So, there seems to be evidence that we don’t need to drill unrealistic depths (100’s of miles down) with limited current technologies, but instead drill down to achievable 15,000 meters – 40,000 feet depths to reach this water. Clearly what the Kola Superdeep Borehole found was upwelling fresh water caught under an impermeable strata only around 7,000 to 12,000 meters deep. We can drill that deep. We do it all the time with current drilling technologies.

    While the write up by Ellen Brown is confusing (to me) the evidence seems to point nonetheless to the feasibility of Pauer’s paper. People of great influence, like our local agriculture associations of California, the Winegrowers Associations, the local Farm Bureau, as well as others, should be pounding (if necessary) on the desks of our local elected officials at agency level to city, county, state and federal levels to drill a Pauer’s-Theory Test Matrix of at least 5 such deep bores (15,000 meters) randomly located across the state to test these theories….. and pray for help from a higher authority.

  2. laurabruno says:

    The fact that California has been allowing the watering of golf courses all this time instead of prioritizing farmland and water preservation is beyond insanity. Even now, I don’t really see any plans to curtail the golf course watering much, if at all. I don’t for a second believe this drought is purely natural, but still, people who prioritize green lawns and green golf courses in a desert over food and water … well … I guess the wake up call is coming………..

  3. Least people think Mr Pauer is some crackpot entrepreneur, this is a well documented video of a recent well his team installed for a California farmer in 2011 professional!

  4. laurabruno says:

    RE: proof of the geoengineering in CA, see also the comment stream from reader Anthony on this post: . He’s a CA biologist who has found evidence of aluminum nano-particles in the waters around Sacramento. The fish bleeding from their gills are suffering known effects of these particles. He’s looking for some kind of safe platform to get out this information, as it directly relates to weather warfare and the obvious implication that without allowing the geoengineering, there would likely not be such a severe drought situation. Watering grassy golf courses is still insanity, though, not to mention all the toxic chemicals used to keep them weed free! 😉

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