New whistleblower, “GoodETxSG,” claims multiple secret space programs. True?

Info (disinfo?) from a new whistleblower “GoodETxSG,” has been making the rounds. Not sure how to parse the contents of Michael Salla’s review of this whistleblower’s claims, other than to say that Salla himself is an exopolitical expert with wide and long familiarity with the enormity of space-oriented government black programs and can be trusted to tell the truth as he sees it.



Whistleblower Reveals Multiple Secret Space Programs Concerned about New Alien Visitors


A new whistleblower has appeared who is creating quite a stir in the UFO and exopolitics communities due to his claims of having worked with a number of secret space programs; and, more recently, having become a contactee with a powerful new group of extraterrestrials that have entered our solar system.

Using the online pseudonym GoodETxSG, the whistleblower (who announced yesterday that his first name is Corey and that he will soon end his anonymity) has described in interviews and posts on two major online forums his former covert background with a number of secret space programs run by various military, corporate and earlier human civilizations. He says that contrary to widespread perceptions in the UFO research community of a single secret space program belonging to a breakaway civilization, that there are in fact up to ten breakaway civilizations indigenous to Earth.

Each of these breakaway civilizations, according to GoodETxSG/Corey has their own secret space program. He says that there are currently three major secret space programs belonging to various national and international entities on Earth. One of these is a large corporate entity similar to what was described in the movie Avatar. The other two are multinational covert space programs that are similar to NATO in their manner of operations and activities. In addition, he says that there are between 5-7 secret space programs belonging to earlier breakaway civilizations on Earth including Nazi Germany, and another dating as far back as an astounding 500,000 years ago!

Adding another level of complexity to what is really happening with the various secret space programs, GoodETxSG says that off-world extraterrestrial civilizations interact or collaborate with one or more of these secret space programs.


Hard to believe? Archdruid John Michael Greer would agree. Towards the end of his latest weekly essay, Planet of the Space Bats, he opines:

Let us please be real: we aren’t going to the stars — not in our lifetimes, not in the lifetime of industrial civilization, not in the lifetime of our species. There are equally good thermodynamic and economic reasons to believe that many of the other standard tropes of contemporary science fiction are just as unreachable — that, for example, limitless energy from gimmicks of the dilithium-crystal variety, artificial intelligences capable of human or superhuman thought, and the like belong to fantasy, not to the kind of science fiction that has any likelihood of becoming science fact. Any of my readers who want to insist that human beings can create anything they can imagine, by the way, are welcome to claim that, just as soon as they provide me with a working perpetual motion machine.


Me? I prefer to keep a wide open mind to the stars while centering myself in my deeply grounded body on this good Earth. In other words, I can and do, contemplate both Above and Below, regularly, and assume that, in some universe or other, they are not only both present, but co-mingling.

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  1. Ann, What a surprise to find your photo on a blog that I just happen to click on. Synchronicity.
    You may enjoy my website at: Alfred Webre (the man we met in Wyoming) has now come out into Exopolitics in a big way..speaking on international stages. It worked. A little 8 year old Star Kid found us on the street and we have become his Permanent Legal Guardian. There are photos of him playing with the light on Hogback Mountain at: . Love and light sent your way. Julie Ryder

    • Hey Julie, what a surprise! Yes, I’m well aware of our friend Alfred’s progress into the glare of the public eye since that fateful weekend. Am also in contact with Joan, and traveled with her to UFO and Crone conferences late last year. What an interesting time to be alive, eh! Love your page on starkids.

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