What children need, and love, to learn.

Hint: it’s not by sitting still inside and regurgitating, on demand, second-hand “facts.” And it’s not by sitting still inside for “tests” that measure just how far the child has come in the required standardized brainwashing program. It’s not by NOT asking questions, and it’s not by spending all one’s “free” time getting programmed by some kind of virtual “interactive” simulation on some kind of screen. It does stimulate, require, and glory in, all the bodily senses — the five external ones, plus one’s native remembrance of internal communion with birds, animals, insects, plants, water, air, soil . . . All that and much, much more, Nature provides, in flourishing abundance, while igniting the relentless creativity native to all her delightful children.

Thanks to Lance for this one!

How to Start A Garden Journal with your Child

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