Facebook thread: “How to prepare our communities for collapse?”

I found this thread so interesting that I decided to repost here. Not to scare anybody, just to be prepared. What are YOU doing to both prepare yourself and your community when the fiat money financial bubble that holds the matrix together collapses?

And check out this discussion of ” systemic shocks and the difficulties of re-booting socio-economic systems.”

Aside from those who insist on “prepper” attitudes that rely on good old American “self-reliance,” it does seem that the most obvious shift we need to make is from individualism to community. That by relying on each other we just might engage in a long, soft, roll downhill into truly regenerative, sustainable, resilience on a living planet — just like when we were kids and picked hills to roll down which got the momentum going but weren’t TOO scary (made us dizzy, but we didn’t need to throw up!).

In our neighborhood (440 homes, 66% student rentals), yesterday my dear neighbor Georgia and I distributed signs asking cars to slow down to ten homes which had called for them when we asked on our Green Acres email list. And in the process, met some new neighbors! Fun.

This morning, podmate Katarina, whom we have now deemed our “Green Acres Development Director,” turned in the final changes on her Grant Group’s grant proposal to the city for neighborhood signs to identify its borders. I’ll write about that in another post. A HUGE effort.

Ultimately, it seems to me, all we can do is focus our energies locally to set an example of what a truly alive and flourishing world looks and feels like, one in which each one of us relearns how to appreciate and respond to all so-called “separate” people and things — and this beautiful, beleagured planet herself — as ensouled beings. Nothing less. “The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.”

BTW: In this post I just copied from fb. I doubt the links work. Just go to that page to find.

Thread From a Facebook Group called “Reframing Collapse”

Who can we contact in our own communities about collaborative preparations for collapse? What sort of projects will draw people in to communicating their visions for what a compassionate collapse would look like? Sound like? Smell like? Feel like?

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  • Bill N Dayna Beavers Sound may be the best way. Check out Carolyn Baker’s newest broadcast Roblyn. The tribe people have some great ideas.
  • Roblyn Crawford I think I will contact local Occupiers, emergency first responders, and food bankers…
  • Bill N Dayna Beavers Please keep us informed.
  • Roblyn Crawford Thanks Bill N Dayna Beavers do you have s link you could post here?
  • Bill N Dayna Beavers http://www.ukcollapse.com/

    We are members of various social movements and…
  • Dave Paiz You’d think people living in the middle of a drought-stricken desert would be a bit more attuned to what’s going on, but Tucson, Arizona is about as close to embracing collapse as the Voyager probes are distant from the Earth. It’s quite stunning, really.
  • Bill N Dayna Beavers All our programing is to expect the water will flow from tap and electricity still works. Not to mention the gas still flows and you can still get the relief from the heat indoors. Whatsamatter you..
  • Roblyn Crawford Smatter is normalcy bias.
  • Allan Barr The problem I have found so far is simple Roblyn CrawfordThose who are well versed in sustainable off the grid living are oblivious or in total denial about some period of unsustainable biosphere. Those who know whats coming are city type people for the most part, simply not a real option to move and prepare. Both types well educated and decent people. There is a third type those who are well informed about biotics, the importance of symbiosis to our survival, the ability to exchange life giving and improving biotics. It seems hopeless to put such a combination together in such a short time. The rate of change is going to leave everyone breathless, literally laughs. Pity I did not understand what was going on just five years ago, I have the perfect property and with sale of other properties could be well on way to doing something constructive with dedicated determined individuals. At very least it would keep at bay the sadness and feeling of hopelessness.
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  • Roblyn Crawford We need to figure out how to get in touch with these folks in various communities. Are they reading the newspaper I wonder?
  • Roblyn Crawford We can always go to farmers markets, or even door to door.
  • Kathy Leonard Transition Town facebook groups, Emergency Response Teams?
  • Jukyan Bakimono My plan for the next five years is to go door to door, spreading awareness, and trying to create inter-regional solidarity links between different communities. Of course there could always be a sudden disaster compromising everything very quickly (like a nuclear meltdown in France, very likely). So solidarity between distant communities seems to be the most important thing to work on, because it takes time.
  • Luc Demers It seems here in Chilliwack, it will be as any other day but with a different ending or an unprepared turn of events
  • Gene Gibson I have given up trying. I was very active in a Transitional Town movement in my community. We all met and agreed that we needed to do it and it never went anywhere. Prior to that, I was in a local doom prepper group and there was too much, I will lead you after the fall because I have more preps and land than you do. You can work for food for me.
  • Ann Kreilkamp
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