Recent video samples from Steven Greer, indefatigible warrior for Disclosure of the ET presence

I spent a good hour and a half starting at 4 AM this morning lying on my side in bed with ipad watching a few of Steven Greer’s shorter video clips. Very interesting, as usual, and I do think his range of experience and understanding is much broader than most ufologists. However, as with Wilcock and some others, I do wonder about his constant reference to “insiders” that he cannot name, and his constant claim that he “has the document to prove it.” On the other hand, since ET is far and away the biggest secret ever kept, we can well imagine why some insiders refuse to be named.

And what a warrior! Indefatigable, pulls up enormous numbers of personal stories of encounters with government, media, corporate and other “officials,” and for decades now, has been bound and determined to get not just disclosure of the ET presence, but a big welcome for these so-called “alien” humanoid presences who, he says, are NOT out to get us, despite what corporate-controlled media, including Hollywood, insists we believe.

In one of these videos he states that way back in 1953, a CIA document talks about starting a mind-control program to “ridicule” anything having to do with ET, including employing Disney to make cartoons. And guess what, the program worked, and still works! Which makes it “very hard, because you’re going against a very big headwind.”


I really like this one, his view of how compartmentalization works, and who “the illuminati” is.

It’s important to remember that his massive Disclosure Project National Press Club event, back in 2001, unfortunately, for whatever press momentum it might otherwise have received, took place just prior to 9/11. (It was when he watched this series, that Fred Burks found himself stunned to the point where he stopped working as a translator for the White House and started the enormously deep website,

Here’s Greer’s story of how and why he got involved.

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