GANG Project: Repair and Improve Front Yard Mound — Done! Thank you!

When I returned from Spokane/Seattle, though in a bleery-eyed state from the 28-hour sleepless ordeal, I did notice that the front yard mound — which had been inadvertently damaged during a birthday party held here in January for friend Rhonda Baird in the dark by home-schooled children playing in the front yard — had been restored, and not only that, but regenerated, while I was away. This gifting thanks to the entire Baird family — kids Maya and Caden, and parents Rhonda and Corbin. Wow! The compost for the project had been delivered by another parent of one of the children involved that January night before I left town, so I knew the project was on the way, but had no idea when.

compostToo much snow and cold had rescheduled plans all during February.

Backstory: If you recall, in June 2014 we decided to create a hugelkultur mound to surround an old tree stump in my front yard.


This we had done, covering it lightly with straw, and decided to wait for spring 2015 to plant. What were we going to plant? Not sure. (We knew it would not be an easy bed to harvest, since it’s so ungainly).

Then came that January night two months ago when, in the dark, the kids got up on the mound and started sliding down, tramping it down and dislodging straw and dirt, not realizing what that little “hill” was for. Just last Sunday, Katarina finally went out to take photos of the wounded mound. As you can see, the straw is stripped off the top, and much of the dirt has been scraped off, leaving the original stump starting to show.


Wouldn’t you know, in a wonderful jolt of synchronicity, within 20 minutes of her photo-documentation, the Bairds drove up, armed with shovels and rakes. She had no idea they were coming.

So it began, with Shadow (who was staying with the Bairds while I was away) looking on (and confused, wondering where his Mom was).

Shadow Maya on top

kids work

Here’s the completed, restored hugelkultur bed (viewed from the porch through dormant grape vines).

porch view

And guess what? I decided the best thing to do with this bed would be to plant mostly flowers. Apparently Rhonda thought so too.


The bed is now dotted with tiny flowers, with more seeded, plus clover, peas, and can’t remember what else.

I told Katarina about the idea of making this mound mostly a showcase for flowers, especially edible and perennial flowers, and she loved the idea — and was inspired to put up a post on the Green Acres Neighborhood Garden fb page about flowers growing with vegetables:

Ten Flowers to Grow with Vegetables

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