Parallel Realities Department: this one’s for you, Ray*

Not his real name. Don’t want to embarrass him.

On my recent Spokane/Seattle trip, I went for long tete-a-tete walks with a number of close relatives. From one of them, I was surprised to hear, in a kind of furious mutter, when talking generally about geopolitics, “Putin is so evil!” His remark startled me. But maybe it shouldn’t have. As Paul Craig Roberts wrote recently:”I have friends who are college presidents who still read and believe the New York Times.”

Yeah, me too. Well, not presidents, but certainly professors and other intelligent friends who still read and believe that and other upscale MSM outlets.

And of course, Ray and and other relatives aren’t immune to Empire’s official propaganda (through its wholly owned and revolving door MSM media) either. For his and their sake, I include this compendium.

Proof that Russia and Iran Want War: Look How Close They Put Their Countries To Our Military Bases!


Bad people are putting their countries closer and closer to our military bases:

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.02.03 PM

Look how close Russia put its country to our military bases:

Credit: Small People Against Big Government

Iran is just as bad:

This proves that Russia and Iran are the bad guys!


A.K. Ever wonder how “we” get to plunk so many military bases in so many countries? You might pay attention to the first part of this video with former economic hit man John Perkins. In short, whatever country gets hit is offered an opportunity to pay off or reduce its forever central bankster “loans” (for infrastructure that Empire’s corporations “provided” in the process of raping the country of its resources) by providing land for U.S. military bases. Get it?

Finally, here’s the remarkably prescient, and even seemingly omniscient analyst Lada Ray, on what’s been swirling through the ethers lately:

ALERT! Global Hoaxes and Hysteria: Fake Putin, Almost Nuclear Attack on Russia, and More…

By the way, I tend to be alert to ANYTHING Lada Ray, who was born in Russia, has to say about Vladimir Putin.






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