About that Germanwings plane crash: Take Two

I was dead wrong. Unlike the other two recent famous deadly crashes, this time there is absolutely no confusion at all. None. The co-pilot did it. And yep, he was “depressed.” This seeming clarity that has been divined so soon does make me wonder even more if there is a CERN connection, and/or, as Robert H., one of my readers, commented:

Was Germanwings jetliner taken down as a message to Germany not to align with Russia?

Robert sends this url:


And see this, from blogger willyloman:

The official story of the Germanwings A320 crash is bogus

Oops! I’m starting to get entranced by this latest plane crash story, feeding right into the distraction agenda. Phooey! Pull away! Let go of whatever I personally, cannot control. Got that, Ann?




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  1. I wrote about my thoughts on this event, the stupidity of trying to blame someone as being depressed or suicidal doesn’t wash. People that are suicidal do NOT take people with them, those are called “suicide bombers”, not pilots. I think that this triangle of Germany/Spain/France was a message to them, don’t fuck with us, get back into the game or this is what happens. As to what did happen? I haven’t been reading the media at all other than listening to RT news, but it looks like some kind of technology that lasered that jet from a location or some fly by jet like technology that is silent, the rest is bullshit. I don’t know what I would be thinking if I was one of the family losing someone, do they believe this bullshit? Doesn’t it look bad upon the airline that a “depressed” co-pilot got away with it or “slipped” through the cracks? You mean to tell me someone flew over 600 hours with him one on one and nobody noticed something was wrong with him? This was so open and in your face “fuck you”message, what is going on with humanity, are they so blind that they can’t see it or they are so drugged that they just don’t care what is going on?

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