A brief lamentation for our times

Lamentation #388 (Martha Graham) by Andy Warhol www.artnet.com

Lamentation #388 (Martha Graham) by Andy Warhol www.artnet.com

March 25, 2015, headline in local Herald-Times: Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center Adding 350 more workers. For those not in the know about this economic engine for southcentral Indiana, NSWC Crane is “a naval laboratory and a field activity of Naval Sea Systems Command, employing 3000 people supporting special missions, strategic missions, and electronic warfare.”

And of course, people in the region are thrilled to hear the news. More jobs! Yep, the economic engine of Empire just keeps on growing, diversifying, coagulating, sucking out the soul.

See this, for an overview:

Why Banksters Hate Peace: All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

I do think it’s crucial to understand that the “problem” we face is not personal but systemic. It cannot be reduced to one person or group, one “cause” or set of causes. It appears that we face, and must embrace, not a problem but a predicament. One that is likely impossible to resolve. While all of us cannot but help but contribute, nobody in particular is “at fault.” As the Buddhists would say, it all rises and falls together: “dependent co-arising.”

Those who want jobs, those who have jobs, those who create jobs, the structures that support, enhance and grow jobs, the cultural imperative to “have a job,” all arise and fall together. And it does seem that the engine of predatory capitalism, which funnels the most to the fewest, is in bed with the drive for endless war. The economic engine and the military engine dovetail. Which is why I feel it’s crucial to leave the money economy behind, to find ways to burrow underneath it.

I aim to live simply, to live in full rich interconnectivity with humans and other species, to live wise, for as long as I — and we — may or may not have on this still beautiful, suffering planet Earth. If we are to extinguish ourselves, then at least let us blink out with full, ceremonial awareness of what we long for, what we have lost.




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