What I did with my inheritance.

I just paid off what remained of the mortgage on my house with my portion of the inheritance from our parents. I am now officially OUT OF DEBT. Thanks, Dad. I know you would approve. And you know what? I feel free. Free of the matrix, it’s final tendrils dissolving.

Now I can focus with more precision on turning this two-house ecovillage pod into a template for increased connectivity with both Earth and earthlings, as well as work towards finding the best way to gift this place to our common future upon my death.

The Undebtors: Sworn Enemies Of The Vampires Of Debt

March 17, 2015

by Charles Hugh-Smith

OfTwoMinds blog, via zerohedge

debt-eraser-e1353200121295Those who refuse debt, regardless of the sacrifice, are starving the parasitic, exploitive machine; those with debt are feeding it.


We hear a lot about debtors, and very little about undebtors. I define an undebtor as an individual or entity that has sworn off debt or considers debt a necessary evil that must be paid off as quickly as possible regardless of the sacrifices required to do so.

Undebtors are created by these conditions:

1. People with cultural/familial values that eschew/fear debt.

2. People who have been crushed by debt in the past and refuse to repeat the experience.

3. People who recognize debt as the status quo’s favored instrument of oppression, control and exploitation.

4. People who understand that paying off debt is the easiest way to earn a zero-risk significant return on one’s money.

If you pay off a 12% credit card, that’s the equivalent of earning 12% on your money.

There’s no mystery as to the low profile of undebtors in the mainstream media: undebtors are the equivalent of the cross to the vampire-parasites peddling debt.How can banks and other financial parasites make money off the undebtors? They can’t, and therein lies the problem for the status quo, which lives off the blood of debt extracted from debt-serfs.

The profits skimmed off debt fuel the speculative gambles that benefit Wall Street, and fund the politico lackeys and toadies who enforce the power of banks and Wall Street.

Debt also funds insurance companies and pension funds. Remember, every student loan dragging a starving student into servitude is owned by a pension fund or insurer as a solid, high-yield asset and every subprime auto loan that is extracting a pound of flesh from a marginal borrower feeds Wall Street’s profit machine.

People talk about starving the machine. You want to truly starve the machine? Get out of debt and stay out of debt, regardless of the sacrifices needed to do so. I personally know many immigrants to the U.S. who paid off 30-year mortgages in four years or less. How did they do it?

1. Everyone in the family 16 or older worked.

2. Everyone’s earnings went to pay off the mortgage.

3. No money was squandered on cable, dish TV, eating out, new clothing, costly vacations, etc. Zip. zero, nada.

There was a saying in the 1960s — you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem. Those who refuse debt, regardless of the sacrifice, are starving the parasitic, exploitive machine; those with debt are feeding it.

Yes, I have debt, too, but we are doing everything in our power to pay it off as soon as possible. That’s all anyone can do. But it’s important to do so, starting now.

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  1. Congrats! I have been debt free for 10 years and it feels good. We eat what we can afford, grow what we can, and work when we need money, a great life and once you’re out of that debt matrix, your life changes As long as we live in fear of not being able to pay our debts off, it keeps us bound to the matrix, once you are free from it, you are able to do just as you are doing now, fulfilling your life with meaning and purpose. I have never been without, the universe provides for me when I need it and sharing what you have with others brings in more abundance. On Thursdays I give free healings to those that can’t afford it, but these folks bring me wine, olive oil, dried figs, home made liquers, I mean, mother earth provides with everything when we share with each other.

    • Actually, it’s only been since 2003, when I moved to Bloomington that, as a “home owner with a mortgate,” I entered the matrix. Previous to that, I had lived so lightly (in a yurt) for so long that I felt utterly free, As an astrological consultant, I was following my bliss, “working” as much or as little as I wanted to — much of that time with no money exchanged, instead trades — for restaurant meals, clothing, jewelry, hair cuts, massage — basically all my luxuries came through trades. Also traveled a lot, and worked as a consultant to pay the way. (No 40-hour matrix job, except for two summers in high school.) So in this way, you and I are kin.

  2. Kieron says:

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the words “dead” and “debt” sound similar, any more than I think the word “shekels” sounding like “shackles” is mere happenstance. When you listen–really LISTEN– to English words, and English loan-words, you notice things.

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