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At the wedding in Seattle, I ran into one of the faithful readers of this blog. As I recall, we were in some kind of line, moving towards the front of it when she commented, out of the blue, “I like MOST of the stuff on your blog” and then, dropping to a mutter — “except for the UFO nonsense.”

“But what if it’s true?” I replied.

My UFO buddy Joan Bird sent this jpg —

The UFO Phenomena

— to her readers, from her son, Amory. Quotes from astronauts, presidents, other government officials, and scientists. Here’s one of them:

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 4.06.48 PM




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  1. Many people won’t believe it until they see it and even then their ‘rational minds’ will come in and still say no because it is so far out side their belief of what reality is. For example, I have been dreaming of having some sort of ET encounter for sometime. Well, during our family vacation to Seaside, Or this February (2015), I woke up on our last night there at about 3:30am and I was drawn to open the curtains and look out. Our hotel was right on the beach. It was low tide and out in the distance I could see a light on the beach and a light hovering over it. I thought at first it was a beach fire but then the light would disappear and reappear under the hovering light. I soon realized that the light that was hovering over the beach only about 10-15 ft up was being reflected in the surf. My husband woke up and asked me what I was looking at. I showed him and asked him what he thought it was. I knew right away it was some sort of UFO. My husband on the other hand tried to rationalize it by saying may be it was a light house. I told him what I thought it was and he said “Why don’t you go out and see it for yourself up close?” I could not bring myself to do it. My head got totally in my way. It was right there, the experience I have been wanting to have and I let it pass by. As I stood there watching it for a while, I got to see it change color from reddish, orangish to a blue/ white color and back again. I also saw a woman walking the promenade along the beach in her pajamas. She walked up to our hotel, stopped, and then turned around and walked back from where she came. She never noticed the light and she was the only person I saw out that night while watching the UFO. The next morning my husband and I talked about what had happened. He totally believes in ETs and UFOs. How could he not? He has had his own abduction/experiment experiences with them and yet those experiences where at night and were so scary that I think he really doesn’t what to believe they happened and there is no way to deny how real the experience was and the physical marks left behind.

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