Local/Global Department: Yesterday, as Mars crossed Uranus . . .

Sitting here in the living room early this morning, talking with podmate Katarina about “old business” that erupted yesterday, involving me and a certain neighbor who, let’s just say, sees the world very very differently than I do. I thought we were about done with our long simmering “feud.” NOT. According to Katarina, this woman ranted on and on about me and Kat said she had to basically override her energy to get her to stop. At first, on hearing this, my own ego flared up in a big way; luckily I eventually noticed it, and by this morning, I once again see this neighbor as my “honorable opponent” who continues to show me aspects of myself I would rather not know about.

Then, opening the normally placid local newspaper this morning, to this screaming headline: Racist Rally Erupts.

The Indiana Daily Student also ran a big headline:

White supremacy group protests anti-racism author

Which included this incendiary photo:57203_catimwiseprotestgrossling63webf

Apparently, there were two groups, one pro- and the other agin, and they immediately clashed. Surprised?

This morning I checked the astro chart for today, and see that yesterday Mars crossed Uranus. No wonder feelings have been running so high. It’s as if everything that has been smoldering under the surface, is rising for review, and hopefully, clearance.

I told Katarina this morning: “Let’s all consciously intend that we get through March, 2015 without triggering World War III, because this IS the climax of the Uranus/Pluto eruptive energy.”

See also this:

How to view and be present with the climactic energies of March 2015.

Meanwhile, I’m astonished at how Vladimir Putin just keeps on keepin’ on, no matter how incendiary the NATO/US warmongering moves in the Mideast and Ukraine. Oh wait, there’s another! Venezuela!

The White House on Monday announced the imposition of new sanctions on various Venezuelan officials, pronouncing itself “deeply concerned by the Venezuelan government’s efforts to escalate intimidation of its political opponents”: deeply concerned. President Obama also, reportedly with a straight face, officially declared that Venezuela poses “an extraordinary threat to the national security” of the U.S. — a declaration necessary to legally justify the sanctions.

Yeah, right.

Jean Haines put up a video today that she thinks refers to Putin. I’d say good call.

And see Putin’s astro chart.

May we all learn from his evident capacity to NOT get triggered by whatever slams into his energy field.

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