I leave for Seattle/Spokane late this afternoon —


— and will not return until March 24th, after the Uranus/Pluto broohaha has started to settle. Interesting to find myself in Washington state during the most intense days of this particular month, and especially interesting to realize that both my niece Korrine (in Spokane, daughter of brother Mark) and my nephew Andrew (in Seattle, won of sister Mary), on some level, chose this storied time for their weddings! Hmmmm. . .

It’s also the first time that all eight sibs will be reunite since both parents let go of this life. See this. Just how that will change the dynamics among us is up for grabs, especially during this rare, climactic moment when Uranus/Pluto disintegrates old patterns to make room for new life.

(I’m now “the matriarch.” We all laugh to say it, since I’m also by far, the shortest sib among giants.)

Not sure how much I’ll be online. Taking ipad, but not computer. Haven’t ever tried to post to this site from the ipad, so that may stop me, even if I get the inclination.

Until then!



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  1. Welcome to Washington state Ann….weather has been pretty good where I am…across the Sound from Seattle living in the woods…retired last September …rolling with the Uranus/ Pluto stuff myself…my Native American consciousness stuff is emerging after clearing some of “inner matrix” stuff all these years…

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