Is Gluten Intolerance caused by herbicide Glyphosate?

I saw this awhile back. Ye gods. When you read the piece, notice how the introduction to Stephanie Seneff, a Senior Research Scientist at M.I.T., subtly denigrates her, via mention of the words “fringe” and “quack.” BTW: Notice how she also connects glyphosate to vaccines.

If you’d rather not have the government decide for you whether or not to be vaccinated, this is the final day for comments on the National Adult Immunization Plan.

“Glyphosate is being sprayed on wheat right before the harvest. This has become a more and more popular practice among farmers. We found specific data in the UK showing a dramatic increase in the practice of spraying the wheat with glyphosate right before the harvest. This is three or four days before they harvest the seed. You can’t imagine that that glyphosate has disappeared in those three or four days. The intent is to kill the plant.

“Wheat, of course, is not GMO, it’s not Round-Up ready. They probably don’t want it to be Round-Up ready because then they couldn’t do this anymore. This is a very convenient practice. It reduces the effort involved in the combine when you’re harvesting the wheat.”

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Final Answer on Cause of Gluten Intolerance?


Glyphosate cages all kinds of things. One of the things it does in the gut that’s bad is it cages all the minerals, like iron and manganese and even sulfur, so it prevents the gut bacteria from gaining access to really important micronutrients, even things like molybdenum which we only need in small amounts, but if there isn’t any we’re in trouble, because certain enzymes critically depend on these minerals. Glyphosate builds a cage around them and it builds a cage around aluminum as well. There’s a nice paper on that with beautiful pictures of glyphosate caging aluminum.


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