Is fungus THE universal remedy?

Of course I have no idea. Nor is it my job to find out. Rather, I report and comment on subjects, events, and situations that I find fascinating for one reason or another.

The enormous response to the two posts on Stamets (this and this) prompts me to dig further, and ask the question:


So, IS fungus a (or the) universal remedy?

Here’s some possible evidence from various contexts:


Via Mike:

The Plan to Mop Up the World’s Largest Oil Spill with Fungus



The next article was published in November, 2013. That’s over a year ago. The devastation at Fukushima began on March 11, 2011. Given that the situation continues to spread and worsen, might we begin to take Stamets views and experience seriously?

Using Fungi to Remediate Radiation at Fukushima



The Benefits of Agaricus

Finally, just so you know: I’ve been nourishing myself via two packets of Ganoderma Coffee daily for the past seven years. The effects are both subtle and potent: this mixture relaxes me, stimulates me, and especially, helps create balance within.



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