Alfred Weber presents one way to connect all the dots

I watched/listened to about an hour of this video early this morning. Couldn’t stomach more. At least not now. It makes way too much sense.

Two days ago, a close relative called me to say that he had been sitting in a hotel in a city in the southwest when a man came up to him out of the blue and started talking about the Sea Hawks/Patriot game. The guy said, well of course, the Sea Hawks quarterback “was mind-controlled.” What? Yes, he continued. The coach of the Patriots had been in the military, so he knew how to mind control people. The quarterback was told where to throw the ball — which is why there was always somebody there from the Patriots side to interfere.

And that was only the beginning! This stranger went on to speak of being one of the people who helped dig out the Deep Underground Bunkers, of HAARP and towers being constructed across the country that mind control people with frequencies, on and on. As my relative remarked: “It was really creepy.”

And so is this video.

Meanwhile, Weber’s host mentions that all the disgusting revelations about the underworld underpinnings of the matrix are akin to what happens when we detox our bodies. The result is gawd-awful for a few days — horrible heaviness, wracking aches and pains, exhaustion, nausea, bitter thoughts, depression, on and on — and then, as those who have invited/endured such physical cleanses all know, as if by magic the dense curtain of ghastly toxicity slowly rises to reveal the extraordinary lightness and clarity of being.

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