What has the plight of Sao Paolo to teach us?

Just the headlines tell the story of this canary in our common mine:

São Paulo – anatomy of a failing megacity: residents struggle as water taps run dry

Sao Paolo Water Crisis Linked to Growth, Pollution, and Deforestation

Drought-Striken Sao Paolo Hit by Floods


And what has this to do with me, you ask? Well, this:

Southwest and Great Plains at risk of 21st century ‘mega-drought’

Moreover, while Sao Paolo’s crisis may be heightened as the result of deforestation, the U.S. crisis is definitely, already, heightened by dams on the Colorado, by falling water tables, and by profligate use of water (think of all those backyard swimming pools, fountains, lawns, golf courses, monocultural big ag practices).

Check out this USG discussion of ground water depletion.


Recently, appearing in a dream, my late husband Jeff Joel intoned: “There will be migrations.” I didn’t take it seriously. “Well yes, there already are migrations across the world,” I snapped back.

“No,” he replied. “In the U.S.”

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