John Oliver instructs us, laughing, on INFRASTRUCTURE

With both Abby Martin and Jon Stewart signaling an end to this stage of their brilliant journalistic careers, we can thank our lucky stars that someone like John Oliver steps up to the plate. In this 21 minute segment he takes us on a serious, laughing tour of dams, roads, bridges and other infrastructure that is crumbling in front of our eyes and in crying need of either replacement or maintenance. But, as he points out, it’s not “sexy,” so it doesn’t sell — unless featured in an action film where we blow big stuff up.

I love the synchronicity between this particular John Oliver post and the fact that we are now in this month’s finale of the ongoing (destabilizing) Uranus/(death/rebirth) Pluto signature. This is the kind of massive project that we can use Uranus/Pluto to sink our teeth into.

Primal Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn rules structure.

Creative Uranus, in Mars ruled Aries, rules new initiatives.

Could the message be any more clear? Let us back away from building newer and fancier weapons to destroy people and planet in favor of building and rebuilding the bones of this civilization for the good of both people and planet, eh?


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