Jeremy Jackson: Ocean Apocalypse Now

“This talk is a bit on the reality side, and a lot of it is depressing. . . Yet all of it is fixable. . . The problem is, we ignore reality and don’t take it seriously.

“At our very best, we succeed in slowing down the rate of degredation. As far as the ocean goes . . . it appears inexorable. But we have success stories which show that we could turn these things around, because we aren’t doing them to scale.

“The “polar vortex” is sinking into the psyche of America. So there is this glimmer of awakening . . .

“We don’t want to think about these things, because they’re scary.”

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2 Responses to Jeremy Jackson: Ocean Apocalypse Now

    Not only is the very future of humankind at great risk, the fate of Planet Earth hangs in the balance. Accordingly, there is now a palpable and universal sense of urgency which prods every person of conscience to get with the new REVOLUTIONARY program. That program is quite simple, and easy for everyone to understand:

    Either we choose to be a part of the solution, or we choose to be a part of the problem.

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