“Doomer” Views Enter the Mainstream?


Check this out, published in Salon in December 2013. Surprised it hasn’t yet made more of a splash, since this essay by Tim Donovan, a member of the millennial generation, is clear, well argued, and persuasive — if you keep on your scientistic conceptual helmet re: predictions.

We are deluding ourselves. The apocalypse is coming and technology can’t save us.

I would agree that we need to let go of our addiction to techno-fixes as the ultimate “deus ex machina”; also, that it’s way past time for us face and embrace the ultimate horror of what seems to be happening.

As Tim DeChristopher puts it so beautifully, we must “learn to sing sad songs together.” On the other hand, it may well be that our learning to do that will shift the entire frequency field in which this onrushing global and perhaps solar system scenario is occurring, thus throwing all predictions to the winds.

Ultimately, as Joanna Macy puts it, we need to BE. HERE. NOW. Extravagently feeling and expressing our full humanness. Regardless.

Joanna Macy: On How to Prepare Internally for WHATEVER comes next

And that means, we begin to act as if together we WILL make it through these perilous times, knowing full well the odds. Why not? What more do we have to lose?

And that means, for most of us, inviting an engagement with the mysterious reaches of both our own interior psyches, and the precious lives of those around us — our households, our neighborhoods, our communities, our regions. LOCALIZE our responses to global gloom. Prepare for discomfort, disruptions, uncertainty, peril, the flow of strong emotions. Build resilient, interwoven systems — food, water, shelter, security. For HERE is where what we do does make a difference.

And if, down the road — how long? ten years? twenty? thirty? — we discover we were “wrong”? If we finally find ourselves stopping our more or less frantic preparations long enough to cop to the “fact” that no matter what or how much we “do” is too little, too late?

Well then, if so, the only possible conscious response will be to stand tall and strong, heart and arms and hands open to the universe; vulnerable and at ease with soul’s exit from this body into the beyond.


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