Permaculture Co-Founder Bill Mollison: On food, shelter, and (real) revolution

Found this at the Green Acres Neighborhood Garden facebook page, thanks to podmate Katarina.

Even better, if we garden not just individually, but together, joining our backyards, front yards, rooftops, streetscapes, parks, on and on. If we want real security, then food is the first priority, along with water. Shelter next.


Speaking of which, check this out.

Converted Homes: Grain Bins and Silos

And you might want to google “converting sheds into tiny houses.” On and on, we do need to live and be protected from the elements. We do NOT need to wander around in gigantic homes that represent both huge amounts of embedded energy as well as require an enormous amount of money to heat and cool. Yuck. I even know of one old friend who, with her Alzheimer husband, has downsized to a smallish (1000 square foot) home on a windswept field that, unfortunately, costs her $1000/month in the wintertime (all-electric) to heat! She needs to conjure up a windscreen NOW, and get her grown kids to chip in for solar panels on that sunny roof.

The first principle of permaculture: Observe and Interact. You may need to observe throughout a four-season year. What are the air and water (and people and car, and who knows what else!) flows and their directions? Pay attention to the entire situation when you make the decision to downsize. It may end up costing you more than you think.


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