Riane Eisler: on transforming from a dominator to a partnership society

As we watch and wait to see how David fares with Goliath —


via zerohedge — let’s turn from the role played by the female patriarch of Germany to a female refugee from Nazi Germany who wrote about peaceful matriarchal societies (The Chalice and the Blade), and who has dedicated her life to forging a balance between male and female, and this includes transforming from a dominator to a partnership society, from GDP to an Economy of Caring — for people, for Mother Earth.

Here’s Riane Eisler’s a TED talk in 2011.

Beginning with what’s actually included in the GDP (truly) — GROSS National Product — war, destruction, medical bills, car accidents, oil spills, natural disasters — she immediately smashes that conceptual helmut. Moreover, she goes on, GDP doesn’t include the life-sustaining activities of three sectors: the household economy, the natural economy, and the volunteer economic economy. In other words, the GDP obscures reality. So first, we have to change the economic indicators. “We need economic systems that, once articulated, sound perfectly self-evident. The real wealth of the nation or the world consists of the contributions of people and of nature.”

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