Vladimir Putin: The John F. Kennedy of the new millennium?

Though I am determined to keep my mind open to all possibilities, at this point, I cannot help but think and feel that Vladimir Putin is the real deal. Brandon’s comment on my last Putin post rings true for me as well, especially his first sentence in the following paragraph:

I just see too much to the contrary to believe there are conspiracies within conspiracies within conspiracies on the world stage. There is SOME Element of transparency on what is going on with the paradigm shift from the West to the East, and the waters are beginning to clear more and more. I think what is coming is truly something we can put our cautious faith in, while constantly increasing our knowledge of corruption and how to build systems that prevent it from being possible.

By the way, though my title to the last Putin post is so drastically and dramatically “either/or” that it makes me wince to look at it, I cannot help but feel that what comes next IS up to us, and that the choice IS stark: fear (and cynicism) or love (and embrace of all that is fully alive). While all possibilities are real — and most likely are happening in some universe or other — let us set our intention for the best outcome for everyone in THIS universe, since we’re here, on THIS good Earth, together.

It’s past time that we recognize that, and act accordingly.

In terms of the world stage, Putin and his advisors show us the way.


PUTIN: The President And The Power(s) Behind Him

Just Like JFK, President Vladimir Putin Goes His Own Way

There should be no doubt whatsoever that Vladimir V. Putin is the John F. Kennedy of the New Millennium.

February 21, 2015

State of the Nation


No national leader has captured the hearts and imaginations of the people of the world like President Vladimir Putin of Russia. No other world figure has been so misrepresented by the Western Mainstream Media (MSM) while being so respected in his Motherland. That he is both an enduring enigma and yet utterly predictable at the same time makes him even more of a mystery, especially to those who consider him an enemy.

President Putin has been a prominent figure on the world stage since first serving as Acting President of Russia in 1999. With each passing year his star has only risen in the firmament of world luminaries because of the extraordinary leadership that he has demonstrated at every turn. The global village has watched him evolve into the noble and magnanimous leader that he is today.

Most of Putin’s evolution has come as a result of tectonic shifts on the global geopolitical landscape as well as from monumental challenges within Russia itself. He has been pricked and nettled by antagonistic forces near and far, most of which seek his permanent downfall. In this way his enemies hope to reclaim Russia in order to exploit her vast natural resources (as well as enslave her diverse peoples) much as they did under the rubric of Soviet communism.

This time around, however, the same ruling cabal (World Shadow Government) changed their MO to predatory Anglo-American capitalism. The various Russian administrations which have come and gone since 1988 have had to deal with unrelenting outside interference in their internal affairs. While much of that foreign meddling took the form of false flag attacks on Russia’s borders (e.g. two civil wars in Chechnya, Beslan school massacre in North Ossetia, and Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia), covert operations to disrupt the economy, and intermittent CIA-coordinated protests, the most intrusive plots took place completely off the radar. Consequently, the nation of Russia and her successive governments have had to learn many lessons the hard way.

In Vladimir Putin has there been established an unbroken thread of continuity of valuable knowledge and instructive experience regarding those challenges foisted upon Russia from foreign entities. That hard-fought experience and knowledge has slowly gelled into wisdom. Which is exactly why the Anglo-American Axis (AAA) is working 24/7 to unseat Putin from any and all governmental capacities. Only with him and his unusually competent team of ministers and advisors out of the way will the AAA have any hope of re-establishing their cross-continental plantation, Western-style. Their hope had been to transform Russia into a predatory capitalist’s paradise.


Vladimir Putin — Who is he? What’s his mission?

Wise as a Yogi,
Nimble like a Ninja
Strong as a Bear,
Clever like a Fox

In President Vladimir Putin the world is witnessing a genuine independence and righteousness of leadership style not seen since President John F. Kennedy. Just like JFK, he has had a very steep learning curve, although a much longer one in which to assimilate the crucial teachings of governance in an AAA-dominated world. Both presidents were forced to deal with some extremely unsavory international characters and state actors, just as they were each compelled to enter into rather dubious bargains at the outset of their terms in office. What else could be expected when attempting to overturn a global regime of terror and total control?

That Vladimir Putin is a dyed-in-the-wool Russian patriot is without question even among his most rabid detractors. However, that single dimension has since expanded into a much more complex and significant multi-dimensional character trait. For Putin is not just for the welfare of the Russian citizenry or Russian speakers abroad; he truly stands for the freedom and prosperity of all people everywhere. His extraordinary restraint, together with Russia’s carefully measured responses in the Ukraine, stand as a testament to this vital quality.

Now we come to Vladimir Putin and his band of principled compatriots who act in the service of Russia as well as humankind. All of these exemplary men and women chosen by Putin have been carefully selected for their noble and virtuous qualities. Just like the Founding Fathers of the American Republic, each individual of Putin’s team of ministers and advisors performs a critical role. In fact each contributes an integral piece based on their respective knowledge base, skill set, wealth of experience, and especially their spiritual orientation.

Particularly when dealing with the unrivaled bellicosity and arrogance of the AAA national leadership, has Putin had to assemble the very best statesmen and geopolitical strategists that Russia has to offer. Again, just like JFK, he has tapped into his hometown network of Saint Petersburg to collaborate with those civil service professionals, career diplomats and other dedicated government officials who could be counted on to implement both his foreign and domestic policy with a high level of proficiency. Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Senior Economic Advisor Sergei Glazyev, and Minister of Defense Sergei Shoygu are examples of the highly competent and loyal team players whom he has assembled. So are Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov and Federal Security Service Aleksandr Bortnikov.

Putin has painstakingly put into place the able administrators, key bureaucrats and well-placed functionaries necessary to execute his new and urgent domestic policies. Many of those policies are now so critical that his continued tenure at the presidential helm depends on their success, particularly over the next couple of years. Heretofore, none of Putin’s plans have occurred without some major bumps in the road. The entire planet has been made aware of any perceived missteps/miscalculations which Putin might have made, few though they may be, by the West’s Mainstream Media. Nevertheless, Putin continues to persevere in the face of some of the most formidable obstacles placed in his way by the AAA.


VLADIMIR PUTIN: The Change Agent

Vladimir Putin sets and resets his short term goals, as well as his longer term trajectories for Russia, as a matter of dire necessity. In this regard his single most important endeavor was to terminate all destructive AAA conduct and influence all the way to the four corners of Russia. Shutting down the American and British NGOs that were conceived and designed to undermine Russian sovereignty has been central toward that goal. Isolating US-trained agents such as Yale-educated, political activist Alexei Navalny and exposing former international chess champion Gary Kasparov as a pawn of the West have gone a long way toward revealing the perfidy implicit in the AAA agenda.

Putin did not waste any time putting incompetent ministers and self-serving oligarchs out to pasture during his earlier terms in office. Sending others to prison for malfeasance or treason was also an integral strategy as it sent a strong message to other potential turncoats. Running off some of the richest and most powerful oligarchs to the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel was an equally essential move. While they still attempt to make mischief or run interference for their Western masters, their influence has waned as their remote citizenship has attenuated.

Inevitably, Putin was to make many powerful enemies in the process of cleaning house. He’s a change agent, for God’s sake; what real change agent on Planet Earth ever wins a popularity contest? Effectuating such profound change in a nation like the Russian Federation is perhaps as thankless a job as there ever was. Well, quite curiously, there is one head of government who is still remarkably admired by his constituency. That would be one President Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin Hit’s All Time High Approval Rating

Here again, just like John F. Kennedy, who was exceptionally popular throughout his unfinished term, Putin is as revered at home as he is reviled by the AAA nations abroad. Nonetheless, the BRICS-allied countries have a completely different take on him. There are also many nonaligned countries around the world that are rooting for his cause — ALL DAY LONG — to rid the planet of single superpower domination. A great majority of all countries on Earth have suffered from that same oppressive hegemony which has been insidiously imposed on them over the past century.

As a change agent par excellence, Putin and his team knew that they had to outsmart the opposition both at home and abroad … if they were to have sufficient longevity in office to complete their mission. Because of how wily and determined the AAA was to abscond with every piece of Russian wealth of any real value, he and his team had to subvert their relentless initiatives to undermine Russian sovereignty. Where the Western powers have chafed at Putin’s political dexterity in working the Russian electoral system in order to stay in office as long as possible, it was only because he was so effective at uncovering their incessant scheming.

Any successful change agent always knows that they must get as many movers and shakers as possible singing off the same sheet of music at the very same time. In this way Putin was able to learn from JFK about what absolutely not to do. For it was those catastrophic mistakes made by JFK which set up his assassination and the subsequent collapse of his revolutionary agenda. Of course, the contexts are completely different between 1960 and 1999. Nevertheless, Putin knows that only JFK-type “self-sacrifice” — for the benefit of all humanity — makes sense when confronting those who promote their nefarious New World Order. Given this hindsight, Putin has the benefit of learning from Kennedy’s great legacy, both the outstanding successes and fatal mistakes.


Vladimir Putin has been chosen by the Universe as a global change agent.

In the interest of strengthening Russia, Vladimir Putin has been quite fortunate to be surrounded with the best and the brightest that Russia has to offer. This preordained eventuality was absolutely necessary, because Putin could obviously never complete this mission alone, or even with his small coterie of aids and confidantes from Saint Pete. This is a most critical point and one which diverges considerably from the JFK narrative. Where Kennedy did surround himself with close friends, trusted family (RFK) and well meaning appointees, his administration was populated to an inordinate degree with many CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) members. Even his Vice President (LBJ) was highly antagonistic and quite the political enemy. This state of affairs in Kennedy’s 1960 version of Camelot doomed it from the very start.

Putin, on the other hand, was by sheer necessity compelled to keep his many plans secret, even from those whom he trusted. The international intrigues and political machinations in the Kremlin — post Soviet Union breakup — were as intense as ever. Boris Yeltsin, Putin’s predecessor, was faced with them daily and eventually succumbed to the extraordinary pressures. Here again, Vladimir Putin was given the fortunate perspective of hindsight from both the Yeltsin and Gorbachev Administrations in order to more effectively plot a successful destiny for Russia.

This is where Putin is the most misunderstood by both friend and foe. Given the tremendous forces arrayed against him, he had to be all things to all people, while at the very same time being authentic … being truthful … and being in integrity. To accomplish this he had to call upon his inner yogi, his inner ninja, his inner bear and his inner fox. This is not a digression into SNL-type satire or New Age humor. Putin, by virtue of being the ‘owner’ of the largest country in the world by land mass, was also compelled to summon his inner GODzilla. Only in this way has he been able to sufficiently instill the fear of God in his many ill-intentioned Western adversaries.

Very few national leaders could get away with exercising so much freedom of expression and flexibility of governance, especially when confronted with so many diverse and powerful external forces. This is where many smart and aware people in the West have been misled to believe that Putin is really working with the ruling cabal (either wittingly or unwittingly) and is therefore one of the bad guys. They simply cannot imagine a selfless and upright political leader ever rising to such heights in the 21st century. The entire planetary civilization is populated with so many bad national leaders that these confused folks are at a total loss. Terribly self-serving and incompetent leadership is what the average citizen has come to accept as normal; extremely terrible leadership is fast becoming the new normal.


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