Vladimir Putin: dastardly devil or divinely inspired?

Vladimir-PutinOf course the U.S. Empire wants to paint Putin as the devil himself. And of course, I’d rather see him as divinely inspired. Of course we all want to discover people of heroic stature — those who will “save” us from the worst aspects of ourselves — during this critical period in human history.

(More hero-candidates: the new Greek government, both its prime minister and its finance minister.)

Remember Putin’s astrological chart. He knows how to use power and he is no fool.

This updated version of a recent essay makes sense to me, as it goes further into ameliorating doubts that arise in my mind every time I’m reminded that Putin was KBG.

Cosmic Convergence: Putin Played Critical Role after the PrePlanned Collapse of the USSR

But then, yes, I still do think it possible, that Putin might be operating as perhaps the final, unknowing “good cop” in the global dialectic leading to the so-called New World Order. (See many posts on both redefininggod and philosophyofmetrics for this idea). But you know what? I’m betting that this is not true. I’m betting on Putin, that this deeply centered martial artist does have his wits about him. Furthermore, I’m betting that Putin knows all about the cabal’s diabolical dialectic, which, given his communion with both the magnificent Russian heartland as well as the depth of the Russian soul, he can and will shake off. I’m betting that any attempt to render him a puppet of forces — who or whateverever they are! ET? AI? “God”? — that have no living connection to Mother Earth, none whatsoever, will not and cannot stand.

So is Putin a hero? I’d say yes, as are we all, when we rise to the occasion. Let us follow his example, and do what we, personally, directly and specifically, were meant to do. Once each of us moves into action, the results will be nothing short of miraculous. And yes, miracles are both possible and necessary. In fact, they spell out the high points of this wild and crazy time.

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  1. Ann I’ve arrived at the same place as you in regards to Philosophy of Metrics and Ken’s Blog. In fact, quite a few people are starting to question their logic. There is a new piece by Alfred Webre about Ken: http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2015/02/alfred-webre-ken-busted-in-3-steps.html

    I was listening intently to these two for a short period of time, but when I followed up on for example one of Ken’s leads or associations and claims, the evidence just didn’t fit the profile he was creating. So as… I have ended my interest in their words. I just see too much to the contrary to believe there are conspiracies within conspiracies within conspiracies on the world stage. There is SOME Element of transparency on what is going on with the paradigm shift from the West to the East, and the waters are beginning to clear more and more. I think what is coming is truly something we can put our cautious faith in, while constantly increasing our knowledge of corruption and how to build systems that prevent it from being possible.

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